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  1. smithmonsters

    Picture Post, Lets see your Saiga 12!

    I finally have full custody of my TROMIX 8'' saiga. I love it!
  2. smithmonsters

    Promag Mags

    Well i bought one just because but i can see that they do indeed suck. I plan on the bullet guide route. Thanks
  3. smithmonsters

    Promag Mags

    Are the Pro Mag 30 round 7.62x39 mags decent or do they just plain suck? Thanks.
  4. smithmonsters

    Trigger pins ???

    Thanks guys. My Tromix trigger group came from MAA with a shepherds hook but i didnt know what it was for. Im going to try that baby in there. Thanks again
  5. smithmonsters

    Trigger pins ???

    Ive done a couple conversions that I think turned out pretty good. But those damn trigger pins still want to walk out on me. Does anyone make "anti walk" pins? What is the best way to solve the problem. What do the pros do (tromix and others)? Ive tried the e-clips and unless i need to use multiple, they still come out a little. Thanks
  6. smithmonsters

    SRT Trigger

    Santa Brought me a 8'' Tromix for a late X-mas present. I orderd the SRT trigger, but when i drooled over my gun at the class 3 where it was shipped, I saw what i thought was a Tapco on the trigger. Is the SRT trigger a modified Tapco or should i contact them. Thanks, Josh
  7. smithmonsters

    20 gauge price check

    200 to 250 is a fair price. I picked up my second for 150 wich i think was a killer ass deal.
  8. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    Honestly, paper. Probably only 100 to 200 yards. But i do not want a .223. I hate that round. Id take a 22-250 and anything else. If i did go hunting ( i want to but have noone to go with or teach me) Id like something to be able to take a deer or maybe an elk ( I dont like deer meat) I know i shouldnt be such a goon and get a 20'' 308 cuz it will probably do everything i want it to do. I should not worry about someone having a larger cal rifle Or hitting a target ill never shoot at 1000 yards. I just want to be happy with what i get. Not be pissed that i spent more to get a 20 in .308 than i could have got any of the other cals. Very important have it look tactical and bad ass.
  9. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    I dont really dont know what i want. This is my first bolt action rifle. Im Just trying to ask you long time pros for a little advice. So in everyones opinion what cal and length barrel would you get to have a somewhat accurate savage 100 to 500 yards? It would be so much easier if i was a million air or if savage would simply make the exact gun that i want. Thanks for all your input.
  10. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    Holly scope! That thing is sweet. That gun is rad. I just like black pissed off looking guns. I can actually get the wood 300 win 26 in fluted stainless the cheapest. And its in stock.Go figure. Obviosly i dont know what i want thats why im being tore apart. What i wanted 3 weeks ago and what i want now makes me go bonkers Oh and i want to be accurate at 300 to 500 yards. My AR and 7.62 saiga will shoot what i want at 100 yards. What did that scope run and the model if i may ask. Thanks
  11. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    Im having real issues with what gun to get. I want a good tactical looking shooter for low dollars. I think i want a savage because ive heard nothing but good. The price it the best thing besides they are accurate as heck from what i hear. So my deliema is i wanted a 10fp-le2a .308 choate but i cant find one (26''). So then i said if the 20'' in has as much accuracy potential then ill do that.BUt it looks stubby and some poeple say i wont like the stock. And i dont like the ruger .22 stocks they make. So the more i think about it i get confused. Then i saw a 24 in heavy bbl at a store for $300 but it dosnt have an accu-trigger or a big bolt nob. I just found out that sss sales a trigger for about $90 and a large bolt nob for about $30. so then i could almost afford one of the sss stocks. but then i thoght that a 24 in bbl may be too short for a 25-06.Now im thinking about the varmit model becouse the stock seems way better than the cheap choate or factory stock and im thinking that a 300 win would be cool to have in a 26'' fluted. but its wood and stainless, maybe paint them black.
  12. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    I like the looks of the 26 in best but i dont want the extra weight or to wait to order it if its not more accurate or maybe a liitle less accurate.
  13. smithmonsters

    Barrel legnth

    I orderd a .308 savage rifle about three weeks ago and it turns out they are back orderd. Today i was talking to a local gun shop owner who seems to know what he is talking about was telling me that a 20 in bbl will out perform a 26 in bbl. Does anyone have any experience or opinions on this. I thought that like a shotgun, the longer the barrel the more accurate out far it will be. So i am re-thinking my options and trying to see if i should get a 20 24 or 26 in bbl. Any opinions? Is he blowing smoke like the little engine that could? Thanks
  14. smithmonsters

    Saiga 20 & 12 8 rnd Mags

    I can get the Saiga 20 for 199 and the Saiga 12 for 249. Plus shipping of course. They would be new with 1 mag ( 5 rnd)
  15. smithmonsters

    Saiga 20 & 12 8 rnd Mags

    No i dont think they are. At least the one i got isnt