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  1. But its soooo long. I really wanted something shorter. How accurate for hunting would a 12 - 16" barrel be? remember, I'll have the .308 for bigger and farther out game. Its not accuracy thats an issue, its the shot pattern. If you're going to do some bird hunting, you're not going to want to go shorter than 19. I use my 19" w/ a polychoke for hunting, but it does not work as well as my 870 with a 26" barrel mod choke.
  2. If you're not good enough to hit a deer in the head within shotgun ranges (under 100 yards) you probably shouldn't be hunting at all until you can. IMHO
  3. Try it, and then get back to me. You will not be blind outside of the cone of light. And once you do have the light on, and others can see you, why would you start turning it on and off?? Once again, give it try first. If you are using you irons properly in the dark there is no squinting. You shoot with both eyes open and with proper cheek weld. Inside of 50 feet, with proper cheek weld there is no need to use the rear, its all automatic. There is a reason why the military, LE, and any other serious training institution trains the way they do. Also, keep in mind that even with
  4. This is just my opinion, but I really think that all a laser will do is slow you down. Learn to use your irons, and practice a whole heck of a lot. You should be able to hit the dead center of a man sized target under 50' even at night. Before grabbing a laser I would make sure that I had a quality weaponlight and practice with it as well. A weaponlight, even a poweful one mounted to your weapon will not ruin your night vision. The only good reason I have ever heard for having a laser on a weapon would be to show other people where your gun is pointing in various LE scenarios.
  5. Just some other views, since I already have pics available. If you've got a tromix, its probably not the problem, but what the heck.
  6. Thats funny, I always thought the second amendment was self protecting. Designed specifically to keep itself and all the other parts of the constitution intact.
  7. The main thing is only a few people have a saiga shotgun that have a standard Ak rsb and removable gas tube. Dinzag or Cobra may have a fix for you. I converted my 410 to a AK rsb and removable gas tube setup as well but my retainers hold tight. BTW those handguards look awesome. Thanks. Yah, I think I'll just put up a post in the Main S12 area and see if I can get some answers. I'll wait until I get my MD20 and take some pics, perhaps drool will loosten up some tongues.
  8. I hear ya brother! Same thing happened to me. He wrote and said UPS didn't recognize my address for some reason, even though they come here all the time... I didn't get any tracking number either, but got a call yesterday from them. Well I saw the Big Brown Santa coming up the road and was waiting at the end of my driveway by the time he stopped there! Wooo Hooooo!! Now I should be able to unleash 40 rds of 12 ga in less than 15 seconds! Thanks Mike! Yah, I get ups in here all the time, but every so often they say my address isn't real. Got my tracking # today, sho
  9. Thanks for the compliments guys, its a work in progress and I have the whole forum to blame for all the cool ideas and info. Didn't meant to hijack this thread.
  10. Man, I hope mine ships. EV-739. Got an e-mail from Mike last night saying that UPS didn't think my address existed. Oh the curses of living in the country between roads lol.
  11. I used a romanian trigger guard on mine - but didn't want to mess with the mag release so I cut it off at an angle - in the same way Cobra did his. Works great, it just takes a bit of doing to crush the rivets with the Saiga's massive center support being in the way.
  12. Can you take pics before it is repaired? I'm curious as to what the damage looks like.
  13. As long as you've got it in hand might as well try it out. Add a little duct tape and see how it goes.
  14. Lol. 32 views and no replies. Probably shoulda stuck this in the S12 forum, or dinzags business section.
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