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  1. Since I got the Droid Incredible I have no use for my Ipod anymore. It comes in a hard plastic case and used to have a screen protector on it so the screen is mint. The back/chrome area had a protector on it also so there are very few scuff marks that these things usually have. Its the 32 GB model, I've had it for about a year or so. Looking for $150 shipped OBO, will trade for saiga 12 stuff, AR stuff, Glock stuff (i have a 9mm G26) or will entertain other trades as well. Comes with the cable and original hard plastic box it was in in the store.
  2. +1 to Big J, great communication throughout the transaction process. Couldn't have asked for a smoother buy. Thanks again!
  3. it depends on what type of front sight you have. If it is threaded on, you can just unscrew it. If its pinned on (as most now are) you have to grind it down and drill it out.
  4. the HK sights are welded onto the gas block, the ultimak rail needs to attach there with a mounting screw, so I doubt it would fit. You could cut it down and weld it behind the HK sights I imagine, though I don't know how that would look
  5. ah there it is, thanks Cobra! (and 1911 for finding my thread)
  6. Couldn't find my old thread on the jamming problem I was having, so i'm making a new one. I remember I got some advice that I may have been hitting the bolt hold open lever with my finger and causing the lock-back. So I took a dremel and cut the lever down a bit so when it was pushed in, it is flush with the reciever. Looks nice! Shot it today, and you guys were right, 200 rounds and not one problem! thanks for the help!
  7. gander mountain won't work on AK style guns due to corporate policy. They won't touch, transfer, or sell them either. believe me i've tried. Yeah its probably a good idea to get it drilled and tapped, but I'm just glad/amazed that it held tight during that long shooting session.
  8. So I just got back from my first shoot where my s12 was wearing its Ultimak rail (M-11L). As some of you know, the position of the screw hole on the gas block was made incorrectly for the newer s-12's. The only solution was to drill and tap your gun. well I didn't want to do that, so I roughed up the gas block and the underside of the ultimak with emery cloth, and slapped sone JB weld in there instead. I was told this was a really bad idea. 200 rounds later (all heavy slugs and buckshot) and everything is great. no movement at all. I love JB Weld!
  9. +1 on Cobra's limiters, they work great and are really easy to install. Also, Tromix/Missisippi Auto Arms sell a floorplate that you can use with a cut-down AGP ten round mag. Just cut down your AGP mag to 2 round capacity, then fit the plate on and there ya go. either way is easy.
  10. i reload for the .223, saves me a ton of money
  11. I'll try to make it more understandable (thought I already did though) 1) Do you use the Ultimak M11-L with a Saiga IZ-109? 2) Do you use the Ultimak M11-s with a Saiga IZ-108? yep that's how it works. Food for thought though. I have a thread on this somewhere, Ismash has changed the front bead sight on the IZ-109. It used to be screwed in, now its posted in, and pretty much un-removable. To get the rail on the gun you have to grind down the bead and either JB Weld it on (what I did, may or may not work) or drill and tap a new hole for the forward screw (Ultimak hasn't changed their design yet and the rails are not compatible with the new IZ-109's without working on them like this.)
  12. not hard at all. If you can use a dremel and a hand drill you're good to go. If you want some instruction, PM Messiah Jones. He makes a conversion CD that walks you through it step by step, with pictures. Definitly helped me and now I've converted 3.
  13. that's the ugliest thing I've ever seen on that gun.... Poor S-12, looks like someone tried putting a CETME handguard on it It's not even lined up lol, it looks bent....
  14. wow, what are ya charging for one of those beasts?
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