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  1. Will this mag work in a PSL?
  2. Do you have any plans for selling just barrels for us DIYers? If it's anything like the rest of your offerings, you'll sell them faster than you can make them
  3. Put me in for 8767!! Thanks and Merry Christmas, Mike.
  4. I'm definitely not an expert, but I would say it is there to allow excess gas to bleed off prior to entering the gas tube, as you've said. I imagine the location is so that it is concealed by the handguards to prevent things from getting in there as well as gas getting out. I'm using the TAC47 plug as a safety measure so that the excess gas has somewhere to go other than the action on rounds that would otherwise be "over gassed". If I read Bob right, by sealing it off, it allows greater pressure to be developed than if you opened the barrel gas ports up more. Also, be careful when opening
  5. Hey Shadoh, I'm in the same boat as you. I really like the lenght of the 11.5" and am in the process of tuning it now. I can answer the second question fairly confidently; with the SBS you can put whatever you want on the end. I think most permanently attach to prevent it from flying off during heavy firing. I have and use the Russian choke set along with a Paradox choke for slugs and haven't had any problems yet. Mine will cycle high brass all day long after I opened the 4 ports to I believe .093 each (I'd have to check). I'm going to follow Bob's and others advice and close the gas ven
  6. Ok, that's what I needed to know. I appreciate it, just didn't want to weld it and then have to reopen it later.
  7. A question for the gurus. I have read several modification tutorials that say to weld up the gas vent (the one normally covered by the handguards) when you SBS a Saiga 12. My question for the experts is, should that vent be welded closed to provide more gas flow or should it be left alone? I'm in the process of SBS my S12 and would like to hear what the known experts have to say, as it is much easier to leave it alone than to weld it up and have to reopen it. Thanks for your time and input, much appreciated.
  8. 5462 for me please. Thanks Mike, we all appreciate it!
  9. Keep me on the list for these as well, can hardly wait. If only I were single and had money to piss away again :( . Just have to stow away the milk money . Keep up the good work Mike!
  10. Put me on the list for prebuy, I'm still kicking myself for not getting in on the drums in time . Based on what I've seen from Mike, these will be high quality, well thought out and designed toys for us saiga-lovers. Put me on the list for prebuy, I'm still kicking myself for not getting in on the drums in time . Based on what I've seen from Mike, these will be high quality, well thought out and well designed toys for us saiga-lovers.
  11. Knowing these mags will be up to the same quality as the drums, put me on the waiting/pre-buy list!!! Thanks for doing all this work to improve one of the best guns on the market.
  12. This sounds like just the ticket. I was waiting on word for a couple from Jeric, but I wasn't too keen on the receiver and mag mods. Keep up the good work and great communication. Hope to hear something soon! (Two for me please!!!!!!!!!)
  13. Hi Tony, I was wondering if these are still available, but with the standard Saiga 12 barrel threading? I saw them on your sight a few weeks ago, and now they're gone. I'm looking for at least one, possibly two. Also, if available, please let me know how much for just the poly choke. Thanks and keep up the innovative work! Tim
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