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  1. 200 bones for a converted 7.62 that only needed a bullet guide. I think I am going to order a retaining plate and replace the fcg just to be on the safe side of 922r
  2. I ordered the round trunnion guide (after I ordered a flat one by mistake ....what to do with tje extra part I dont need??..) and installed it. I got the rifle already converted on the cheap cause it wouldnt load rounds without jamming. I noticed no bullet guide (afte researching this site!). So I drilled the round sucker up and it feeds like a champ now. I also ordered a flat guide for my .223 conversion...when I get the time. I think a Micro Galil is in the future. But thanks to Dinzag for excellent shipping and great parts that fixed an otherwise unusable gun.
  3. where can i find the mag adaptor?
  4. any update on where to find these mag adaptors now?? or anyone still have one for sale? PM me if you do please.
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