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  1. One last bump. I'm willing to go $800. If no one wants it for that I'll keep it around in case of a Zombie attack
  2. LOL, I just got an e-mail that a classified add for this rifle had been rejected by our local Tradewinds. I called to explain to them that my gun was perfectly legal. The lady told me the problem wasn't the gun, but the fact that I submitted a photo of a child holding an AK-47! She said this was highly inapropriate and she didn't need that kind of publicity.
  3. I did the conversion. I'm located near batesville, ms.
  4. She can shoot! She just can't hold the gun up, LOL... I'm not sure how many mags I have, but I know I have the one plastic, Polish magazine that is in the picture. I have the 10rnd mag that came with it. It has been modified to work with the bullet guide. I have one 20 rnd mag. and at least 3 metal 30 rounders, maybe more I haven't looked lately. All of the metal mags have US made floor plates and followers. I have around 1500 rounds of ammo. Most of it is WOLF brand. The rifle is a EAA import maybe 2003 or 2004 model The FCG is from First son enterprises The ACE folder has the Cut the Tang adapter block Front sight base, gas block and flash hider are Bulgarian Can't remember where I got the Bayonette I would be willing to sell rifle alone for $700 The ammo alone should be worth $300
  5. I have a converted 7.62x39 with ACE Folding Stock, Bulgarian Flash hider, Bayonette, Tactical Case, Several Mags, and LOTS of Ammo. Looking to sell in person in North Mississippi. I would be willing to ship the rifle to a FFL, but the ammo is heavy. Almost too heavy to carry. $875
  6. I can't believe how much saiga's cost now. Back when I bought all mine, the rifles were less than $300. If I remember right the S12 shotgun cost me about $350.
  7. jtoddellis

    The best price you can get for 7.62x39 ammo?

    I usually buy from ammoman.com. Right now the corrosive yougo stuff is $.21/round shipped and even less picked up. I buy the wolf ammo though. Its $.30/round shipped.
  8. Actually I had you beat by 3 hours although technically I didn't post on this thread that I sent a PM and was asking for pictures before I would come to a decision, which went unanswered. I apoligize to you Double-oh. I haven't been on the forum in a few years before I posted this item, and for some reason the replies no longer send notification to my e-mail. I know excuses are worthless, but anyway I've got a few, lol Thanks to everyone on this forum, I knew someone here would want the rifle. The money is going toward the adoption of our new 3 month old baby boy. It's not much, but once the transaction is done I will make a small donation to the forum.
  9. jtoddellis

    Picture Post,lets see your 7.62x39

    Been a while, but it's always fun to show of your guns!
  10. SOLD via Ebay pending payment...
  11. Finaly got the picture. There are some scratches and some places where the finish is wore on the bolt and receiver. Also the front sight hood has a few nicks in it. Sorry if I haven't answered everybodys PM's but SCHULTZE was first to reply so it's SOLD to him pending payment...
  12. I'm not sure of the round count. I bought it in 2004. When I first bought it I probably put about 30 rounds through it. Scince then I've killed maybe a dozen or so dear with it. Because my boys are old enough to hunt now, the last 2 years it has just sat in the corner. They are 8 & 9 years old and think they are professional shooters, LOL! I'm sure it's had no where near 100 rounds through it. I use my converted 7.62x39 when I want to unload some rounds. I'm still workin on getting picture from my phone to the computer.
  13. Your right. I had plans to add a gun rack and a rear fold down seat. Now we just want to pay our lawyer as quickly as possible. Not sure why but it feels weird owing him, LOL.
  14. My phone will not let me upload, but i'll post from work tomorrow. Gun has some scratches, but its not beat up.