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  1. I plan on heading up there the 2nd lets make it a date. I don't think pumpkins are subject to the paper targets only as they are extremely biodegradable. Also don't forget to call your state senator and ask them to support SB 610
  2. it is an armory usa stock, they haven't been made in quite some time. I believe armory usa was either bought out by or changed their name to arsenal usa. Centerfire has complete sets of them for $50 http://centerfiresystems.com/STKAKA-BUL.aspx be aware though that the centerfire sets have been previosly exported to bulgaria, and re-imported with the usa markings scrubbed. Therefore they count against you as an imported part.
  3. I just got an email yesterday stating my order shipped.
  4. With the factory LRBHO you should never try to release bolt with an empty mag installed, with no mag or a full mag it works wonderful. The bolt release is connected to the BHO via a long sheet metal lever. At the end of the lever that contacts magazine follower the sheet metal is on flat, and therefore flexes easily. When you fire your last round and the follower pushes up on the lever it is met with little resistance and easily engages BHO, Reversing the operation and trying to depress magazine spring the lever is met with quite a bit of resistance from the magazine and the lever flexes,
  5. thanks, we ran these at .770 I didn't notice any issues from testing so we went with it. If you don't mind my asking, what size did you settle on.
  6. Assuming the shooter is right handed, here is a list of pros and cons right folding Pros: Carries tighter to your body when slung. Faster deployment of stock thinner profile when folded(stock and charging handle on same side) does not interfere with left side optics Cons: Obstructs selector, charging handle, and trigger while folded(usually can all be manipulated, but less easily.) Left folding Pros: Unfettered access to controls while folded(trigger, selector, charging handle) Cons: Does not carry as well slung with the folded stock against your body Slower to deploy, uses
  7. as far as the deburring goes the first run did get a little bit rushed, the new ones have a nicer finish, Iwould be willing to replace anyones that was not happy about that. I will be looking into the debris issue, I had not experienced it never had anyone near me getting hit, I will se what I can discover.
  8. Cool deal. Do you know what I should fill it with by chance? I know I messed up with the ATI stock.. Maybe I can use it on my saiga .223 though! I wanted an adjustable butt pad and the folding ability. Nice website btw, I didn't see it before somehow when I was searching around for products.. if only http://www.bonesteelarms.com/Ak-Saiga-Folding-Galil-style-stock-AKFSGL.htm this was adjustable! I suggest automotive 2k primer surfacer for filling in the extraneous markings, works great. Our galil style stocks are not adjustable but our m4 stocks are. If you really want folding a
  9. Other than the serial number, you can do what you want with the markings. I think you made good choices other than the ATI stock, those are garbage.
  10. Always glad to support a fellow businessman/forum member. Thanks for doing such amazing work. We will offer some as promo items, but the more we sell the faster we can bring you new and exciting products.
  11. almost all grips will fit milled receivers, but the grip plate is riveted on the bottom, so it is possible some aftermarkets will not fit.
  12. The one I saw was seam welded the entire left side and the bottom. looks easy enough to cut, but getting the finish 100% perfect might b tricky.
  13. I would lap all the moving parts before I monkeyed with anything else. You'd be amazed at what 15 minutes and some valve grinding compound can do.. I love your vepr it is gorgeous btw.
  14. I have to admit, I got a little teary eyed listening to whos gonna fill their shoes
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