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  1. I live in WI, I'm heading west huntin on the 27th should be back to answer any questions Oct 8
  2. Hate to sell but need the cash and someone can use for deer season. The gun has tapco triggroup threaded barrel with m60 flash hider, Modified psl front wood, front sight welded to gas block, second set of od kvar furniture 5 fbmg 20rd mags, scope mount and russian posp 8x scope 1000m retical. $1000 shipped no sales to CA or any area where its not legal. Must ship to FFL
  3. You are going to pay a premium for the carvings on this set. I know I will regret selling but I need the cash. on the 59/66 you have several nice carvings and bpc on the handguard and if you look up "Army of Republika Srpska" on wikipedia you will see the crest and bpc. on the 58 you will see a croatian (I think) crest, initials, compo AAA in fingergroves on one side. dash marks on the other (kills?), a nice cross burned into the side and very nice wood grain. $1050 shipped in hard case for both don't want to split them up. C&R ok no sales to CA or anywhere illegal. http://i282.ph
  4. I'll try tomarrow night. Just a little removed at the rear inside wher the chamber area is larger on the 308 not sure if it would matter at all on a 762x39.
  5. Tapco gali style forearm vented and modified to fit saiga 12 by dinzag shortned in highth and includes bracket and a trirail modified to fit over the gas block. also includes a barrel shroud that is held in place by the rail and an ak sight(not included) $105 shipped
  6. Kvar od nato length stock set for Saiga 308 dremmeled out to acomidate the saiga barrel and vent slots added and gas tube included $105
  7. I had both, the 16 and the 22" the 16 was far more accurate then the 22 and I sold the 22 no regrets so take that for what it's worth.
  8. I'll take the one from saigatechusa thanks
  9. What is the thread size of the front bead on a saiga 12 older one with thread in bead?
  10. Looking for an adjustable rib for a saiga 12 gauge complete with front and rear attachments if someone has one laying around
  11. Is it possible to convert an older rifle sight model to the adjustable rib type? I am far more used to using ribs on normal shotguns. If they can be switched does anyone have a rib to sell?
  12. That is the same thinking that allowed the Nazies and Japs to take over half the world prior to pearl Harbor. That is the same thinking that allowed terrorist to take control of afganistan and become such a threat. That is the same thinking that will allow obama to win the election if you waste a vote on a third party. Palin could very well become president following McCain and she is probably the most pro-gun canidate we have seen in a long while If anouther gun bill gets through, you can bet there will not be as many loopholes as the 94 bill. Plus look at Obamas ass kissing o
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