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  1. If anyone else wants to see the .pdf of Saiga conversion stuff that Hartzpad was referring to, just send me an email (adam3773 *at* yahoo.com)
  2. Hey, I wanna be in on the Utah fun too! If any of you guys need help, email me (I helped Hartzpad with his first conversion...and now he's apparently addicted). Oh, and I'm currently in Draper.
  3. You definitely can do it yourself. There's really not a lot to screw up, and the process is relatively simple. Feel free to email me if you've got questions (or come to Kansas City around Thanksgiving or X-mas).
  4. Yes, they are excatly the same as far as I can tell. If anyone else wants one, I have a couple laying around.
  5. Nice pictures. The conversion goes A LOT faster once you've done a couple. Hartzpad's gun even had the PG hole already cut, which saves some effort. If not for the fact that I couldn't find any more cutting disks for the dremel, I bet we would have had the entire thing ready for paint in 2 hours. Now I am itchin' to get another one! Maybe the half-case of 7.62x39 ammo in the basement is good enough justification for another Saiga...
  6. Go to CDNN's website and go to the link labeled "download newest catalog". They have 16" Saigas for $159 (if they're in stock) plus 13 bucks for shipping; best price you'll find.
  7. Some with a normal AK sitting next to them should check this, but I think the added material on the front of the mag would keep it from being inserted in a standard AK. I also think that fact would make it illegal, but I can't find any references to back that up; a letter to the ATF would be good if someone wants to take the time. If a modded mag will function in an AK, then it seems like a serious gray area; the Saiga would technically not be legal to import if it takes hi-cap mags (IIRC), but the mag thing seems legal if the mag would still work in the original gun...interesting.
  8. Thanks SammoH; just trying to clarify things. Guns laws tend to be a wee bit bass-akward and illogical!
  9. In the end, a legal post-ban weapon can have a detachable mag (which is what puts the gun under the restrictions of the AWB) and ONE other "evil" feature"; on a converted Saiga, that would be the pistol grip. Add another evil feature and you're in illegal territory. A high-capacity magazine is not one of the features in the AWB. If you want to see the actual law, go find it on the ATF's website and downlaod the .pdf of the Gun Control Act. Saigas are importable under sec. 925 D (3) in that they are "sporting" guns. The hi-cap mag makes them "non-sporting" and therefore illegal to impor
  10. I can't find the references to modifying magazines so that they won't work in their intended weapon; if anyone knows, please post it.
  11. Check out section 922 R and 925 D (3) of The Gun Control Act (18 U.S.C. Chapter 44). Then look at the test for "sporting purposes" from the ATF's website HERE. The end result is that modifying a Saiga to take hi-caps is illegal because the gun then qualifies as a non-sporting, imported weapon; you have to play the parts count game to stay legal. Saigas are legal in thier original format because they are "sporting" weapons and can thus be imported; the ability to take hi-cap mags (AK mags are mentioned specifically) takes the gun out of the "sporting" category. Answers to almost
  12. AWB text Answers: 1. Assault rifle--semi-auto with more than 2 "evil" features. 2. No, not in its "sporter" form. 3. The Siaga has one strike, the detachable mag. 4. This is based on importation restrictions on "non-sporting" firearms; the Saiga suddenly becomes "American-made" when you have 10 or fewer imported parts. 5. Yes, you need the US-made parts to do the conversion. A stock Saiga has 14 parts, so you would have to replace 4; a Saiga with a PG has 15 (since you added the PG) so you would need 5 parts. Buttstock, pistol grip, and 3 FCG parts are the easie
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