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  1. av8or

    semi-n00b questions

    sorry for the double post, was gettin ips errors didn't realize it took the first time
  2. av8or

    semi-n00b questions

    lol thanks, almost used the torgo one but figured that would be less recognizable and with help from a friend of mine found out that yes, for some reason in ny, the restrictions on semi-auto shotguns is greater than semi-auto rifles so because of the removeable mag, can't do anything else to it as far as pg, the skeletonized stock might be a 'loophole' no pun intended for future references, here's the regs
  3. av8or

    New Saiga source!!

    and he can't go 2 minutes without saying
  4. av8or

    semi-n00b questions

    well i've been lurking here for a little bit, and lurking around saiga's for a couple of years am i correct in believing that the 12's only come in 19" barrels? (not looking for shorter, longer is fine) secondly, what woudl be my best bet for getting one that has a pistol grip and a fixed/telescoping stock? (don't want a folder, fixed is fine with PG, would prefer telescoping stock though) fyi i'm in upstate ny and i know theres goofy laws around here per the user moving to buffalo thread i've seen the russian made 'skeletonized' stock/pg assembly but obviously that doesn't work for 922r regs, not worried about 10rd mags, the 5/8 rd ones are fine since it would just be for home defense, plinking, possibly skeet/trap (or at least trying it out) thanks in advance to any help/info/suggestions any of ya'll can give me