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  1. Hey guys, been a while.  Have I missed anything?

  2. Well because of all of the anti gun hysteria I bit the bullet and got a drum for the vepr... I wish it weren't so damn big. I had emailed them before the Vepr ban and they said they were working on a smaller drum with a smaller capacity... I personally see this as a range toy but not really practical. Its awkward for me to hold and shoot the shotgun with it in place and that's with a vertical foregrip. A 15 rd drum would be really sweet, but I doubt if we will ever see it now.
  3. Freedom of speech only pertains to the left these days. I just got a 30 day suspension from farcebook for referring to obamas wife as mike the tranny. Seriously. I know its a privately owned company but seriously, 30 days for that?
  4. Are Vepr sales in the US that small? Seems like a small amount of money to go bankrupt over.... I guess I may never see a 15 rd drum for this beast
  5. My wife is into genealogy and I thought about getting a DNA test done for us both to give her something to study on.... Would be interesting to see my roots, AFAIK I'm euro trash but you never know LOL
  6. Ive noticed that I can put a full mag in my Vepr easily on a closed bolt and have no problem chambering the first round. My Saiga is hard to lock in a mag on a closed bolt and requires a LOT of force to chamber a round. The lack of a LRBHO for a smaller drum would not really be a big deal for me. I hope we have enough Veprs imported to make it worthwhile for someone to make a 10 or 13ish round drum.
  7. I'm sure she was misquoted... she would only support that for a DEM POTUS not a Repub.
  8. I agree, I really like the LRBHO on the vepr. I am hoping that if and when they come out with a smaller drum that they will come up with a follower that will trigger it. I take the the big 25 rd drum doesn't trigger the LRBHO?
  9. I read the hildabeast tried to play off the coughing fit as "being allergic to trump". Sad when a presidential candidate has to lie to cover up health/mental issues. If she gets in the WH we are so screwed.
  10. I took the leap and ordered a Vepr 12 shotgun. Not really a fan of the 25 rd drum, too big for me. Has anyone heard of anybody planning to make a smaller drum like 13 rds or so? I have the small drum for the S12 made by promag and I actually like the darn thing. Have a MD20 but again, too big and bulky for normal use.
  11. Thats funny, I own a S12 and a cat2 and I like the cat2 better out of the box than I did my saiga12. I had to tinker with the S12 to get it to run good and the cat2 shoots anything I put in it no problems. Not a bad gun for 400 bucks.
  12. Ive got the clamp on style that makc sells here in the saiga 12 store. good sight, but I have it on with the super loctite and I dont want to take a chance of tearing it up to take it back off. when I put it on years ago I didnt think I would ever be in this situation LOL currently I have a nice red dot scope on the cat, one nice thing about the rail on top of the dust cover.
  13. I think its funny... neither of them guys probably care one way or the other.
  14. What did you end up having to do to get the autoplug to work in the catamount? I have a cat2 I am going to convert when I get the extra coin for the parts.
  15. Makes me shake my head at the guys that told me "dont waste your money on the pos catamount fury 2, wait for the ddi"... sounds like my gun is as good as the ddi and 200 bucks cheaper! The Chinese factory that made my cat2 is ZIJIANG Machinery company..... who is the maker of the DDI? I wonder if any parts between the cats and the ddi interchange since they are both Chinese?
  16. SKU EFS-S12 Will the elevated steel AK style front sight for a Saiga 12 shotgun fit the barrel of a catamount fury 2? I have one on my saiga12, and would like to stay with the same type sight on the catamount if I can.
  17. I was too chicken to convert my S12 when I first got it, and got Cobra to do it for me... I am planning on getting the conversion parts on the catamount and doing it myself. If I screw up am not out a bunch of money so..........
  18. Well I bought it for 400. Everywhere I had seen them in stock and on auction sites everyone is wanting $650 ish which I know isn't gonna happen. I already have a decked out saiga12, have had it for 6 years or so. I test fired the Catamount and although it may not be as high a quality of gun as the Saiga, it fired flawlessly out of the box with the cheapest lightest Federa target ammo I could find. You cant argue with success, so I am going to convert it and add it to the herd. If it wears out after a thousand rounds who cares? That would be a lifetime of shooting for me. I
  19. I just test fired my NIB old stock Catamount Fury 2 straght of the box. wiped the outside of the gun off and loaded and fired... Shot 20 rds of Federal 2 3/4 inch 1 1/8 oz #7 1/2 shot target loads. Gas setting on 2.... 20 shots with no problems at all. Im thinking im going to keep this one, convert it and have fun with it. I REALLY like that LRBHO feature and the magwell.
  20. I just got a catamount fury 2 shotgun, I really like the LRBHO feature, not sure if that is on the original catamount or not. If so,is the conversion the same for the cat 2 as it is the cat1?
  21. Look again sim, I AM a contributor. Why are you not one? Thanks to everyone else for their helpful and not so helpful replies.
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