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  1. man, i paid 245.71!!! I'm going to counceling to see if I should be pissed. lollergator.
  2. I've got salts leaching out of a couple saigas I had converted and blued.... what can I do to fix? the salt is coming from rails and scope mount rail...trunnion pin, thanks...
  3. Bounce

    Hoppes 9

    Dawn dishwashing soap will take it out. scissors work best.
  4. I have to ask. WHAT is that scope? it's the enzyte 9 x 8,000
  5. breaking down 4 saigas for conversion, I pulled the gas tubes off of two new .223s, one old .223, and one very old 7.62x39 saiga...(bought when they were 239$). what's come up missing apparently after bead blasting is one of the gas tubes is missing that washer type spring that fits on the gastube? question is...maybe it didn't come on one of the older versions? does anyone think this could be the case? thanks.. B
  6. good transaction, communication, and shipping/packaging would buy from him again
  7. how many of ya'll have all caliber versions of the Saiga?? I think there should be a forum ribbon for it!! mmmmmm...forumm ribbonnn.
  8. NO NO, thanks to you. For I have now completed my Saiga calibers collection. just wait'n on the 7.62x54R to come out now. Sold pending funds - to Bounce. Thanks Bounce, and thanks to everyone for looking. Montana3Gunner
  9. Bounce

    Did I buy a dud?

    it shouldn't. once they "break-in".....
  10. I have recently bought 4 of the C-products 7.62x39 10 rounders for my XCR.
  11. there's quite a difference between the gas port sizes....I was really amazed at the difference between 1 and 3....holy cow!!!
  12. can Mike just make the cartridge an 8 gauge necked down to 12 gauge to fit the bore? so we'll get more girth?? and it'll still fit in the second run drums? I think that'd be great. and when is he coming round to Flagstaff so he can hold my baby boy at the ticker tape parade? thanks Mike!!
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