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  1. I like them...........There's a lot you can do to modify them.
  2. I need a barrel for a Remington Model 31 pump shotgun in 12 ga..............Let me know if you have one at a reasonable price......Thanks!
  3. I have a domain name for sale or trade: SaigaSolution.com I was going to use this but never did. So if you need a domain name, this one is owned by me and is for sale or trade. Cash price $500 or trade, make me an offer cross-posted on Seattleguns.net
  4. My suggestion.............Have him look at the Springfield XD-9. I just purchased a new one on gunbroker.com new XD-9 Service model for $369.00 plus $35 shipping. Great furearms. I have had my XD45 Tactical for about 5 years. One of the best guns I have ever owned!
  5. I have a TLR-1 I put on my XD45 Tactical and I love it! Just purchased an new XD-9 which it should fit just fine. I think the TLR-1 is one of the best lights on the market. Check out ebay for a good price.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I think I'll try the krebs peep sights..............
  7. Thanks for the feedback. No idea who sells a thinner front sight but I'll look around the net...................Thanks!
  8. I'm looking at replacing the factory iron sights on my saiga rifles and I need some suggestions. I've looked at the Mojo MicroClick and the Krebs peep sights. Like to hear from anyone that has used these or might have some good recommendations. Thanks
  9. I have 6 (new) Sig Sauer AR15 magazines for sale. These come in sets of two mags and one connector per box, for $30 shipped. If you buy all six I'll throw in one more Sig mag that was only used once. Send a PM if interested. Made by SIG SAUER, SIG 556 .223 and 5.56NATO 30 round magazine set with connector, manufactured from high impact polymer. Will fit most AR-15 platform rifles. Comes with two SIG 556 magazines and one connector.
  10. For the best results you need to use a Mill. I have my done by a friend that's a machinist. They come out near perfect. I then add the picatinny rails
  11. Here is a picture of one of my vented handguard (just like the one for trade) on my saiga. Looks great a helps cooling.
  12. WTT Saiga rifle handguard, vented with picatinny rail, painted OD green. I had the venting done by a machinist using a mill. These are not a " By hand hack job" I'm looking to trade for a good tactical knife. A Glock, Ka-bar, Ontario etc. or a good bi-pod for my saiga. Open to offers. So tell me what you got! Cash Price..........$47.00 shipped. Send me a PM if interested..............Thanks!
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