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  1. Yes 2 pins that go from one side to the other side in must cases just like any other AK rifle, see post above for exception to the case, dont you have a rifle? look on the FSB and GB, you push the pins out and press the part out. Yes I do have a saiga rifle 762x39 Have read your comments & yes I do understand now. thanks
  2. Are you saying that all saiga rifles have pins in the front sight? thanks
  3. Hi Guys, Would you know how to take off the front sight, so I can decrease the barrel length to 16 What tools would I need? thanks Stu
  4. The porting looks great. Maybe I will give it a go at some stage? Stu
  5. Hi, when you say that you measured out 8mm for the first hole then 32mm to the last hole. From what point did you measure the 32mm? was it from the 8mm first hole or from the start of the tube? thanks Stu
  6. I'm searching around the internet to see if there is anything that I can put on the gas block to control flow, adjustable valve. What I have studied so far is that the control of the gas must be at the gas block not the tube as the pressure is greatest at the top of the pistion ( gas block ) that's if you are wanting to control the piston speed ( pressure ) Something like a bike tyre valve but adjustable with the gas flow. See picture Stu
  7. Hi there, Have you a photo of the gas port that you ported? a close up photo. Could not find anything about how to port the gas tube on this website. Can you say what drill size you used? maybe it was 1.5mm or? any info would help thanks Stu
  8. Hi Guys, Was at the range two weeks ago, well I would be there today but it's raining in Auckland. Shit. I was trying reloads & found that the reduction in powder loads, that the bullet case when ejected was damaged less than with higher powder loads. 1 example 24 grains ADI 2206 powder there was near no damage but when using 26 grains it was clearly damaged. 2 With the 24 grains or less that the bullet case was ejected 1 to 2 feet beside me. Instead of the case going 20 to 30 feet & I can not find it. Question, I need 26 grains powder to be accurate at 100 yards. Can
  9. Hi PvtPyle, thanks for your reply. I live in Auckland New Zealand. The main issue is that you will consider sending overseas. I need a permit from the NZ police before I can order these magazines. It's great that you have made these mags. thanks Stuart
  10. Hi, do you know if the export overseas? I looked at there FAQ but am still not sure. I could email them but on this forum they has asked us not to email. thanks Stu
  11. Hi Guys, would this ammo be box primed or bird? I'm thinking about using the cases for reloading when I have shot them. Highland 123gr soft point. Only if boxed primed would I reload using these cases. thanks Stu
  12. What's stockers? thanks Stu
  13. Hi, I need to catch up on the saiga 308 as at this point I have not purchased one. This maybe a stupid question? Is there anyother type of magazine that can fit this rifle? example M76 or Romac 3 magazine?. I have purchased at this time the 762x39 & 12ga saiga but thinking of more punch. thanks any help would be great Stu
  14. Hi, would it be worth reloading slugs for the 12ga shotgun. Is it hard to reload? 12ga slugs Would it be cheaper than buying? thanks Stuart
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