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  1. Hoarders suck diseased moose wang

  2. Finally, after EIGHT LONG YEARS of occupation by a foreign entity, we're getting back on track

  3. Worried about losing America.....

  4. Worried about the course of our Nation. Will it even be here in 2016? If it is, will we be Free? It doesn't look like we'll make it.

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    2. lbsrdi


      I will not forgive the people who voted for this, that is how I feel.

    3. termite


      It'll be here, we MAY be in a different situation, but WE will survive.

    4. nlacy


      America is very resilient. People have been worried about the course of the nation since its founding. I've got faith.

  5. The new color scheme sux. I hate the white background. It's hard on the eyes.

  6. "Hurting the environment"


  7. You'll build up your pepper tolerance again soon! It took me awhile until I could eat HOT stuff. Slow and easy is the way to go.

  8. Hang in there, Bro!

    If you're ever up my way, dinner and drinks are on me!

  9. You are welcome here, Maria. Now, if I could get my wife out shooting....

    1. patriot


      Ditched the wife. Life is GOOD again!

  10. Hey, Troll: GO play somewhere ELSE!

  11. If you don't straighten up, they'll ban you.............

    If you want to LOSE your guns....vote OBAMIINATION!

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