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  1. Who'd have thought we'd EVER see the day the cartels would do a good deed, even if it's for the wrong reason? Hopefully they'll "take care" of the problem for us.
  2. That's razor wire. Nasty, nasty stuff. Stitches kind of nasty. It's even hard to work on without slicing yourself up.
  3. With the kids there, 10 miles is a pretty good hike for a day. Remember the rules of engagement: Treat rocks as rifles Either one can kill you. So can an angry mob, even if unarmed. Stay safe.
  4. I saw an article stating Soros has his finger in it as well. Wouldn't surprise me, the Freedom-hating Nazi-collaborating traitorous fuck.
  5. Jail for the politicians, sure, but no jail. We don't need to be feeding and housing them, as well as giving them access to our legal system and healthcare. Kick them straight across the border. If they come back, shoot them as invaders.
  6. Your post should be titled "Waiting for the INVASION". A group of people, marching under a foreign flag, coming to illegally cross our border....That's an INVASION, especially considering the majority of them are MILITARY AGED MALES. 7000 is about HALF what's coming, by the latest count. Keep your mags loaded and stay safe.
  7. patriot

    Short shell reloads

    Some folks are reaming chambers out to 11ga to get a speedy shuck. That's stupid, and dangerous. I can get what I want by cleaning Rem Premier hulls thoroughly after loading and wiping down with a bit of Meguiar's Interior Detailer. I'm running a standard 1 1/8 oz target load when I load smokeless. They eject just fine. The issue is my Holy Black load. 110gr 1F a fiber cushion, and 1oz shot buffered with white flour behind a fold crimp. Yes, it's LOUD AS HELL with a huge concussion from the flour detonating in front of the muzzle, but it's a hoot to shoot! You should see the FLASH! at night. I've decided to shelve the experiment for now. I like my fuel/air boomers the best. Thanks for your input GF.
  8. Happy birthday...here's some jugs for you Juggs...
  9. Anyone have data on reloading the Aguila minishells (`1-3/4") with smokeless? ...or cutting down hills to duplicate them? Yeah, I know.. box mag fed gun.....yada yada yada. These are for competition in a double that doesn't like shucking full length shells. I may load up some roll crimped shells using BP and 3/4 oz of shot and see how they work. (Let's keep this to the subject please, and not go off on tangents. This is about reloading a specialty shell, not why, or any other reason.) (I'll bet someone shits on this by the 3rd post.)
  10. patriot

    Price Check?

    There's always someone out there who thinks he's got gold.
  11. FYI: The Henry 22 lever guns jam if you run 'em fast. I emailed Henry about the jamming and never even got a response. So much for their customer support. I shot 5 or 6 of them before I decided to go with an Uberti '73 in 22LR. No jams, but expensive and no longer made.
  12. I was in the engineering lab running some tests. I thought someone had a movie running on the lab TV. I didn't think it was real. ...I still want every single one of those fuckers DEAD.
  13. http://malware.wikia.com/wiki/Goggle
  14. Let's see how long this takes now that it's been made personal .....
  15. patriot

    Muzzle Brake: possible DIY?

    Very well though out, GF. There's loads of bad brakes out there, when the design is pretty much exactly the way you stated, with minor variations here and there. A single port brake can be highly effective, when properly done. It WILL be loud as hell though. Look up the Loudener. Single port brake. Stupid loud.