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  1. A lost wax cast would work too, but that's a shitload of wax.
  2. patriot

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    You usually don't want the meat after I hit it with the truck. It's pretty busted up inside. Yeah. I know it's probably against a law or ordnance, but letting an animal suffer like that is cruel, immoral, and inhumane. I'll take the high ground. Realistically, I doubt it'd be a problem even if a cop witnessed it.
  3. patriot

    SCCY- Anyone have one?

    Still no malfunctions. I used it to put a deer down I wounded with the truck last week. Remington Golden Saber.
  4. ..and water is poisonous...everyone who drinks it dies.
  5. patriot

    Slide fire?

  6. patriot

    Slide fire?

    I'd rather take my time, but that's not the point here. The point is the steady erosion of our God-given Rights.
  7. patriot

    Slide fire?

    1. Infringement is infringement, plain and simple. 2. They are trying to take lawfully purchased property without compensation. 3. The Executive Branch doesn't have the power to do this. Neither does F-Troop, even though they've done this in the past. 4. The Supremes may shoot this down IF they follow the Constitution and do their job.
  8. It must have been a desk officer police trade Not even any typical holster wear. Nice find
  9. Who'd have thought we'd EVER see the day the cartels would do a good deed, even if it's for the wrong reason? Hopefully they'll "take care" of the problem for us.
  10. That's razor wire. Nasty, nasty stuff. Stitches kind of nasty. It's even hard to work on without slicing yourself up.
  11. With the kids there, 10 miles is a pretty good hike for a day. Remember the rules of engagement: Treat rocks as rifles Either one can kill you. So can an angry mob, even if unarmed. Stay safe.
  12. I saw an article stating Soros has his finger in it as well. Wouldn't surprise me, the Freedom-hating Nazi-collaborating traitorous fuck.
  13. Jail for the politicians, sure, but no jail. We don't need to be feeding and housing them, as well as giving them access to our legal system and healthcare. Kick them straight across the border. If they come back, shoot them as invaders.
  14. Your post should be titled "Waiting for the INVASION". A group of people, marching under a foreign flag, coming to illegally cross our border....That's an INVASION, especially considering the majority of them are MILITARY AGED MALES. 7000 is about HALF what's coming, by the latest count. Keep your mags loaded and stay safe.