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    The Saiga .223 has a 1 in 9 twist and I commonly use 62 grain ammo. Might go again today and try some 68 grain but that will probably require me to re-zero my sights.
  2. CDNN Enterprises sells assault weapons cases and they are commonly sold at gunshows. The former is a mail order company that you can find on the internet and you might also check out Midway USA's website. The case might run up to about $30 for a soft case. Good luck.
  3. I had my trigger polished and it feels pretty good now, still has a long travel but a definite two stage feel. Also, since I decided that I like this gun, I sent it to Mac's Shootin' Iron Restorations (http://www.shootiniron.com/index.htm) and had it refinished, beautified as it were, including having the standard synthetic stock refinished. The metal was done in a black semi-gloss and the stock in a "Tough-Stock" medium gray. Both look really great now. I can highly recommend Mac's work for anyone who cares to upgrade their rifle.
  4. Great looking conversion. I have had my Saiga 'beautified' but not converted. If it looks as good as I hope, then I will post a picture after it arrives.
  5. Any more updates on the .308? Never having been interested in hunting, my opinion has recently changed and I think it might be fun to hunt feral hogs and if people recommend the Saiga .308 as an accurate hunting rifle, it might be the one I add to my collection.
  6. Try reading my posts again, I had a minor trigger job done already which was a major improvement over it's previous performance. Maybe you should read a little closer before you start spraying out venom. Modify your weapon any way you like, it doesn't make any difference to me. And I will enjoy my much improved trigger, thank you. Tell you what, just for a test, I am going to drive over to a local dealer and try a SAM-7 with improved trigger and compare it to mine. And I will report back here later. Don't eat any yellow snow.
  7. The .223 does indeed have a 1-in-9 twist. In my case, I like the idea of a pistol grip and prior to having my trigger worked on had considered having a Red Star Arms trigger or Global Arms put on the rifle. Global quoted me (at 2 different times) a price of $75-$150 for the trigger and alterations. Now that I have had my trigger improved, I like it and the additional cost isn't worth it. I don't want to try to convert my rifle in an AK look-alike and at the price of decent ammunition, I am not into the spray and pray form of shooting. I am considering having the gun parkoted and moly-coated by a guy in Arizona. He seems pretty sharp and I like the idea of improving the look of the gun now that I have decided to keep it. If so inclinded, here is the link: http://www.shootiniron.com/index.htm
  8. There should be a section for the .223 and I have one and had it out at the range yesterday. I shot pretty good for me and decided that the gun is a keeper; shot several 3 shot groups at 100 yards that ranged from 2" to 3", all with open sights. Thus far, I have had the trigger polished (much better than original feel), and replaced the front sight post with a KNS Precision and rear sight with a Mojo peep sight. All of these are clear improvements from my standpoint. For what it is worth, I have tried Wolf, Barnaul, Black Hills, and Winchester 3131A ammo all in 55 grain, but the Winchester 223R1 (55grain) that I used yesterday was much better than all the previous ammunitions. If you have an Oshman's Sporting Goods in your area, the 223R1 is on sale for $3.99 per box. You should also note that with the 1-in-9 twist on the .223, you should opt for 62 grain ammo when you can find it. Good luck.
  9. I recently had some trigger work done to my Saiga .223 along with adding a Mojo rear peep sight and KNS front sight. The trigger is much much improved over what came stock, along with the sights. So I took the rifle out to zero the sights and shoot it. Sighting-in was no problem and shooting was generally fun. The range I used on has a 100 yards as it's longest range so I spent my time there. On several occasions I had bull's eyes but I also had a wide dispersion of shots such that it would appear as a pattern rather than a group. Though I tried to let say 2 or 3 minutes pass between firings, the barrel did indeed get hot. (no rapid firing) It appears that what I have read is correct, that the rifle does get inaccurate as the barrel gets hot. (I am a fairly decent shot over a 100 yards with my peep sight-equipped 50 year old Mossberg .22) Either the barrel being hot to the touch even with a 3 minute gap between shots or my shooting is at fault. I did compare the targets with a recent shooting of my .22 at the same location and clearly the .22 results were better. But here is one odd point, my last two rounds I just popped off, maybe 30 seconds between shots. Where did they land? Bull's eyes about 1.5" apart. Any ideas or comments on the above from you more experienced shooters. Barrel heating my 'pattern' or is it just my lack of skills?
  10. My Saiga .223 had the same problem as described above where the magazine would not lock into the chamber. I took mine to a local seller (had bought mine at a gun show) and he looked at it and had (I believe) that little piece that you push to release the magazine from the gun filed down a bit and now the magazine locks in just fine. It was not the magazine itself that was filed but the magazine release. Though it cost me $35, I thought it was faster and easier than packing and shipping my rifle to EAA. Good luck.
  11. Blackjack, what trigger did you use on the Saiga project rifle? It appears that you retained the Saiga front stock while adding the hand grip and different butt stock. I was considering that when I found out that in order to use either a Global or Red Star trigger, I had to do some conversion of my rifle to use the grip and change the rear stock. (I am not going to have a local Saiga seller polish my trigger group and see if that will tide me over with no major changes to my rifle, other than the Kager Precision front sight and Mojo rear peep sights.)
  12. Blackjacks are made in the USA and very highly thought of over on the AK-47 Forum. Wish I had known about them when I bought my buffer a couple of weeks ago, would have given Blackjack the business.
  13. I like that OD stock set on the top rifle. Very cool looking.
  14. I like the wood stocks, especially the engraved versions on the Izhmash website. If I don't have to do a semi-conversion of my Saiga .223 to get a decent trigger, then the wood stocks are something I might upgrade to.
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