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  1. I saw the video here: http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?/topic/66657-chaos-titan-and-extended-top-rail-installreview/ Unfortunately he doesn't attach the dust cover.
  2. You didn't have to remove the front sight bead? My Titan hits the bead and won't sit in position.
  3. I would love a better selector. If I could pick any type, it would be the push left/right style located near the trigger guard on many tube-fed semi-auto shotguns.
  4. Control3


    I'm interested in low sights. It looks like that front sight will drop into the HK front sight block, but I don't see how that rear sight block is going to attach to the Saiga.
  5. I've shot a lot of trap using a Benelli semi-auto, a Saiga, and an overunder. With the Benelli I had rifle sights. This worked pretty well. I only stopped using the Benelli because I sold it to fund other acquisitions. With the Saiga I definitely stood out and annoyed people for no particular good reason other than they are grumpy old farts. I did stop using the Saiga, mainly because it's difficult to single-load, which is a requirement at the range I use. Also, I used a 30mm red dot which was too high for a cheek weld and I definitely wasn't going to ever do really well with that setu
  6. Carolina Shooter's Supply and Mississippi Auto Arms both come to mind. If you get the internal adapter block, you have to cut off your tang. If you get the external block, you are still adding to the overall length of the gun. The picture in your second link is an internal block.
  7. Is there an existing cheek rest that will fit this? By the time I add a pict rail, scope rings, and red dot, everything is so high that once I line up, my cheek is practically floating in the air.
  8. Yes, drop-free. And straight-in insertion. Any brand mag. Any drum. I cannot wait. The only thing I want more than this is a decent LRBHO.
  9. Wait a minute, bird and steel shot was destroying the backstop, but not buck and slugs? Consider me confused.
  10. I probably have half a dozen mag loaders and yet I wouldn't bother with the Saiga mags. They are already easy/fast to load and unload by hand.
  11. Thanks, but is there any contact information or a website? I can't find anything in Google for Marko/FinnSaiga and tried many variants.
  12. I think AK103 does the best conversion. Everyone else reuses / repurposes the incorrect trigger guard and safety stop. AK103 uses new correct Russian parts and rivets them just like the real thing. Also rivets the extra holes left over in the receiver which, in my opinion, looks much better than just leaving the holes or plugging them up with screws and whatnot. For more info and pictures, see this thread. The most obvious difference is the squared shape of the real trigger guard, which has two folded ears and is held on by two rivets on the front, vs the other conversions which ha
  13. I don't want to discourage you, but you should know what you're getting into.... First, Saiga 8 round mags are curved. I'm having difficulty seeing how you would bend one flat piece of sheet metal into a curved mag without making a complicated pattern with lots of cut outs and lots of places to weld. Second, are the G2 and FAL springs long enough? The Saiga 8 rounder is a long magazine. Third, the inside of the Saiga has grooves molded near the back that run up and down the length of the magazine. This groove guides the rims of the rounds and keeps them from moving back and forw
  14. Is this threading the same type that's already on the threaded model saigas?
  15. Control3

    Got Drum?

    The 8 round magazines actually hold 9 rounds and function just fine. This drum only holds one more round, so unless the price is around that of the 8 round magazines (or less), I don't see the point. I guess if it's a saddle drum like the Beta you could go prone. Not to mention the bad potential this has for NFA'ing the Saiga as a DD.
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