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  1. You might want to contact Richard Lage at Lage MFG and ask if he has any old stock in his shop.
  2. Looks great Cameron! Best of luck!
  3. Primary Arms Micro Red Dot on my FA Saiga 12 has been trouble free for several years now.
  4. OMG Mike is back!!! I've had numerous thoughts over the last while...mafia got him, had a stroke b/c of them cancer sticks, in jail (trumped up charges of course!), in S. America racing mules, etc., etc. Anyway, glad to see you around again and I hope things are well. Let me know if you need anyone else with a FA Saiga to test your mag! P.s. You need to cut down that barrel on your Saiga MG!
  5. Hello, I have for sale 3 new in the wrappers Russian 5 round 12 magazines. $75 shipped to you. Thanks.
  6. Hello, I have for sale two of these from a project. They are new and include all the factory hardware. I'd like $77 shipped. Please contact me via email (jakelaura@msn.com) if interested. Thanks. Aluminum receiver extension replaces the standard, fixed buttstock on your AK-47 to let you install an M4 collapsible stock on your rifle. Provides five locking positions; corresponding white index numbers are visible through the release pin access hole found on many buttstocks. Near-receiver sockets on each side of the extension accept quick-detach, push-button swivels for single-poin
  7. Primary Arms micro dot is holding up great on the FA Saiga that gunfixr made for me. Jake
  8. You passed up because you're waiting on the MD Arms Double Stacks!!! Jake
  9. AOW's are legal. $200 to make and $5 to transfer is correct. Make your reciever and then have a manufacturer with an SOT paper it for you. Even if they charged you $100, you'd still be ahead of the game. Last I heard Tom is still waiting on approval for his receivers from the ATF. I got a FA S12 so I could have a short barreled shottie in Michigan. Stupid rules! Jake
  10. Mike, I remember giving you shit about rolling up to the Pit in MI for that pumpkin shoot a couple years ago in your Beamer. I suspect that car will be or has been replaced! Good job and I look forward to running into you again sometime. Jake Oh yeah! I just saw the listing. Where you going to get the receiver? I NEED to shoot that beast. Will's B-day party? Jake
  11. Gunfixr did a beautiful job on my 13" gun. Jake
  12. One point slings are great for racking your huevos. VTAC padded 2 point is a great sling. Jake
  13. Using the Gunfixr model without problems.
  14. When you're filling out the 5320.20 make it out for a year's time (the most the ATF has historically approved) so you can make the same trip later. Jake
  15. Nate does great work. He did my full auto Saiga 12 that is the cat's meow! Jake
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