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  1. Hogue will fit with ultimak upper with slight modification to heat shield in hogue forend.
  2. I have a yugo m70 if and thinking about purchasing the ultimak upper tube with rail. What lower handguards will work with the ultimak. I can't see buying a $200 lower ultimak guard to go with the $100 upper. I am running the hogue right now and would like to keep it on with the ultimak, but not sure if it will fit. Are any of you running the ultimak on a m70 and found a lower that will work with the ultimak?
  3. The first time I used these, I had to help the bolt carrier go into full battery when charging the first round. They broke in just fine and have been flawless since. First round chambers smooth now and have not had a single problem with them. Great value for range plinking. I still dont like the fact that it's all polymer (no metal locking tab when rocking into the gun). I think they I heard they were going to make a 2nd generation with a metal locking lug. I will probably purchase a few more due to the low price. Fordguy
  4. The legion Arms price is pretty high, but they do have them. That's more than what I wanted to spend on my little project. Jet, let me know if he wants to sell one. It's going on a M70 AB2. Burntpowder, thanks for the help also. Fordguy
  5. Thanks for the reply. So far they have been a miss. I'll keep checking them. Fordguy
  6. I'm looking for a used Yugo M70 gas tube with or without the hand guard. Does anyone know who is selling these? I am not interested in the Ultimak tube and rail. Just looking for a used original one. I saw one on ebay, but the forward end was mangled. Fordguy
  7. Well this place hasn't changed much. Thought I'd stop in and read a little. Same BS, same arguments. Same Haters. But what really bothers me is that Beefcake is still here, yet alone still a MOD. Whats funny is this place resembles the US today. We have two totally different ways on viewing things. Libs and Conservatives. Not hard to spot the Libs here. Tyboy
  8. I got to be honest here. That looks like shit. You just Bubba'd a perfectly good drum.
  9. Why? What is the advantage of this mod?
  10. Craftsman tools have gone downhill. Stay away from their cordless drills, multimeters, etc. Their wrenches are still ok as long as you don´t need that thinner Snap-on for certain applications.
  11. As a fellow Texan, Thanks. I wish I had more neighbors like yourself.
  12. Theres a big difference between doing whats right and 'just doing your job'. This cop just did his job, which is to press every infracton to the fullest extent of the law. The problem is nowadays, the police are called to solve things that people dont want to deal with on their own. This is why we are in such a nanny state, because no one wants to put on their big boy pants and deal with problems themselves. The admin of the school could have taken care of this himself, never called the cops and effective ends would have been met. Instead this scumbag sack of shit CHOSE to possi
  13. I think he will learn that in life their are consequences. I think he will never forget to take his shotgun out of his truck before going on school property. I don´t believe he should receive a felony for this. I don´t believe "I Forgot" is an excuse for breaking the law. "Shill Poster", Is that what someone is called for disagreeing?
  14. I don´t think high school kids should be able to bring guns to school in the trunk of their car. That is a policy I endorse. He didn't tell the school. He called his mother and told her. His mistake was that he let a libtard school administrator overhear his conversation. And "they were only enforcing the rules" has been used to justify alot of heinous shit throughout history. Its called holding an individual responsible for his actions. Not blaming the "Gun" or the "policy", but the individual.
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