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  1. Conventional/traditional all the way. AK's weren't meant to be all "tacticool'd" out.
  2. My latest Saiga has the dimple.
  3. My (2) conversions Black Beauty Blondie (she needs a different gas tube so I can install the upper hand guard)
  4. Looking for sources for American made wooden furniture for my Saiga 12 Thanks
  5. I purchased another one last night and eagerly await it's arrival. I really love doing the conversion and this time, It's going to be my "black beauty" like the one I did for a friend pictured below.
  6. Man up bro. My 13 yr old daughter doesn't complain ! j/k. That's the mark of a shotgunner !
  7. The conversion may seem hard but it's not at all. I'll be finishing up my 3rd conversion this weekend.
  8. If any of you NY'ers need the stock trigger group and stock, PM me. I'll ship the parts to you. I hate NY
  9. Thanks for the replies fellas.......and thanks for your avatar Capt. Hero !
  10. Doing a conversion for a friend who wants to use the factory Saiga mags only. He bought a bunch of factory Saiga 10 rounders and wants to stick with those. So, my question is....bullet guide not needed in his case ?
  11. Thanks for the replies fellas. This question was asked by a friend of mine who thought you didn't have to follow 922r if you only replaced the original stock with the tapco thing with the built in pistol grip. He thought that by not moving the trigger group and sticking to stock mags that 922r did not apply. I disagreed with him. I recently did my own conversion and used American made wooden furniture, trigger group, gas piston, and muzzle device.
  12. In a debate over the use of the tapco stock (with intergral pistol grip) and 922r. Simple question. If you slap on that stock on a "sporterized" basic Saiga 7.62x39, do you have to follow 922r if NO other modifications are done ? http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/31E2t1xA7fL._SX385_.jpg
  13. I much prefer the "fixed" wooden stocks found on AK's. The beauty of the Saiga 12 is it's a 12ga shotgun built on the AK platform. What better way to compliment that by using wooden furniture !!
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