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  1. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^THIS^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
  2. My condolences go out to you Sports Rescue. Very appropriate bottle for a fellow Saiga owner/forum member to have in possession. Honoring his memory will always keep him alive and well in your heart!
  3. I don't know about painless dentist's visits, but this doctor had a "First visit is free" thing going.
  4. Burglarbomb dot com would be a nice addition to any surveillance system, so you can see what happens to the trespassing bastards!
  5. I say check out the machete thread on the forum. Once you decide which one you want, buy it, pay him a visit, then overnight FedEx his hands back to him. Just make sure you pad the insurance up for them. Last I checked, right hands on the black market were going for roughly around $675K, and the left hands were almost $125K cheaper, due to commonality of righties. That should teach 'em! Seriously though, the advice given by most of the members here is damn good advice. Thing I would add is a well written letter to the bastard. Many times a written note cuts and bruises deeper than any ass
  6. Great. Now their gonna ban Ricin! Oh, wait a minute... Nevermind. Now, if we could only get that turd to start a cocaine habit.
  7. Hello. My name is JD. It's been 45 minutes since my last post. I admit, I'm a Saigaholic...
  8. Very nice and very detailed,right down to the shadows. My old man was a flamethrower Jarhead with 7th engineers in 'Nam in '63. He would've really appreciated that figurine Marine!
  9. The two biggest things I look forward to at the gunshow in town here is the bumperstickers guy and the best slider cheeseburgers I've ever eaten!
  10. I've got a private shooting axcess on thousands of acres five minutes from my home that I have to trek on foot about a quarter mile from where I park, and it's a PITA making multiple trips to and fro my truck on foot to get everything set up. My woman and I went yesterday with her Radio Flyer wagon and it saved a double trip. I have an Otter game sled (3'x5') I drag around for deer and elk hunting that I'll be mounting 16" bicycle axels and tires to to tote around for carrying my gold hunting equiptment that I'm gonna put together next weekend that will hold all my shooting apparel when
  11. If you decide to do this transfer, whatever you do, you might not wanna do it this way!
  12. Did the previous owners take the shower walls with them?
  13. Happy Memorial Day. May all who are serving and who have served always be remembered and never be forgotten. May SamM get a bunch of blanket parties on a daily basis.
  14. I heard about this crap on Mark Levin the other day. He also said this worthless piece of shit muslime was also promoted to Lt. Col. Beyond unbelieveable.
  15. When I was around 11, my old man dropped a deer and had me hang onto his .30-06. He had me put the barrel down on the ground on top of his gloves. He did'nt tell me not to pull the trigger, as I was leaning on his rifle and being half my height now. "BANG!!!!" clean through both his gloves, and only about 2' away from him. He hit-n-rolled, and gave me a three second stare has since been etched into my soul that has made me the safest person with a firearm that I will ever know! He never said a word about it to me. A certain look is worth a thousand words!!
  16. Sometimes we pay a small price (and it's worth it) to find out who your real friends are.
  17. What kind of surgery you doin?Anesthesiology. The most important person in the room. "I DON'T THINK HE GONNA MAKE IT!!"
  18. Hang in there, my friend. I think in the not too distant future that collar will be a highly sought after 24/7 job.
  19. Carpenter by trade. Going on 19 years. From bridges to high rise towers to demolishing, framing and finishing, commercial, industrial and residential. Life was damned good during the boom until the crash. Oh shit!.... I gotta go and get a Power Ball ticket!!! It's up to $600,000,000 !!!
  20. This bear in particular may have been liberal and anti-gun. The guy's lucky that it wasn't a pro second amendment bear!
  21. When the SHTF and we turn into a total police state, I'll give them plenty of my bullets.
  22. I had a Marlin 1895g .45-70 lever gun that was nasty to my ears. It was a ported guide gun that wasn't too bad on kickin', due to the porting, but that bastard was really nasty with unplugged ears while hunting. Hell, it was pretty loud with foam ear plugs! I have a NEF Partner Tracker II single shot 12 gauge thats carbine sized that I don't care much for it's kick. It's probably my least favorite to shoot.
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