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  1. I'm feelin' as blue as this guy with the ammo situation myself.
  2. Yep, he did yell that. Mentally ill, just like all the others. But hey, let's keep blaming the inanimate objects and not the mentally ill.
  3. I personally really like the extended sight radius on the TWS opposed to the shorter factory designed rear sight on the P.A. rail. The peep sights on both my TWS rails are great, and my groupings have tightened up significantly, and at longer ranges with the TWS, which I accredit the longer sight radius to.
  4. I think we outta cremate the bastard in a large firepit untop of a couple thousand Korans, video it and air it on al-Jazeera, courtesy of North Korea and Iran!
  5. Count me in. I'll buy the beer. I'll buy the near beer for you Stryker!
  6. My ole' lady's Civic is very uniformly damaged. I ain't shittin' you. It's almost like someone symetrically ball peened the entire hood, roof and trunk every 3" on center. We had a nasty hail storm two years ago. One guy who was making a run for it had his hands over his head made the local paper. His hand was broken by a hail stone the size of a hardball. Tons of vehicles and houses were damaged. I was on the phone with a friend when it was happening and the metal roof I have on my home getting slammed by the hail was so loud inside that I couldn't hear myself yelling out loud.
  7. I have the origional Gen I on one x-39 and the current Gen II on another. Both work like a dream and hold zero perfectly on both. The extended sight radius with rear peep is worth it's weight in gold.
  8. Sorry folks, I just don't have a humorous spot for shit like this. All I see is a future of blinded ignorant sheep. These idiots are gonna carry the torch for the next generation in America. The level of ignorance of the so called "educated" college students have never ceased to amaze me. We are very, truly screwed.
  9. Now the innocent guy will face charges of possessing a stole firearm, and the thug's attorney will be suing the innocent guy for distraught, pain and suffering, and future mental therapy. The innocent guy will lose his job and his home, as he does a 27 month prison sentence and comes out a felon. Doesn't sound too far fetched, eh?
  10. Perhaps this one on a billboard might have been less offensive? LOL!
  11. I like shooting from a moving vehicle, prefferably on the I-5 in LA. Shooting down from rooftops in bigger cities is my second favorite. My least favorite is shooting in public city parks. Always getting stabbed by sticks and thorns when I'm trying to hide in the bushes. On a more serious note, shotgun and pistol standing and prone and back against tree or rock with tall bipod legs for rifle shooting for me.
  12. I thought somebody snapped a picture of me with my fly down when I read the title.
  13. I'm just blowin' smoke. I truly do have high respect for constitutional abiding law enforcement.
  14. "Why do we need cops so bad?" To boost economic growth, of course!
  15. Man, that makes me hungry. I love crawdads. Used to hit the Vegas buffets on the weekends when I lived near there, and loaded plate fulls at a crack with them suckers. I also like suckin' the yellow mustard out of their heads (YUM)!
  16. That Mossberg Targo combo launcher is really cool!
  17. Here's a few more pictures of them. Is the one pic I took with the open boxes with contents showing what you were looking for Syndicate?
  18. My apologies, didn't mean to scream at you. The truck is definantly worth more that it would take to fix it, and these beast get great fuel mileage and will pull the gates off hell if the chain don't break. I left at 2:00 a.m this morning, drove to east GA, worked and then came home this afternoon, and running mine at 70-80 mph, I am getting about 26 mpg, and still have plenty of power left to pass and move in traffic. The only thing I don't like about my 05 vs my old 1992, is with the 92, I had changed the injectors, "played" with the pump, and when need be, I could lay down a smoke screen fr
  19. Vintage score today!! I picked this up this morning for $75.00 at a sports shop in town that was on consignment. How old do ya's think some of these babies are? Actually, my ole' lady bought it and wants to turn a profit with it on Egay in order to get her car fixed. I'd like to build a nice barn siding display box with glass top for it and hang it on the wall. All the boxes are full of the origional ammo.
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