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  1. Yea, been teary eyed since yesterday, especially since puttin' that video up. Watched it a few times since yesterday and been singing it out loud all day today and yesterday! Was a real heart breaker when Waylon and Johnny Cash went. Merle is one of the last ones standing!
  2. My ole' lady scored two 50rd. boxes of Remington Yellow Jacket .22 lr hollow points about two week ago for free from a gentleman she works with that bought them 30 years ago. The pictured ones I got for free from a friend a few years back who's paw bought them many years back...
  3. Speaking of boobies.... Sorry, I couldn't find a pic of her without the headband wrapped around her torsal!
  4. Dodge: 1 BMW : 0 "Ahhhh... The Power of a Dodge..." I got a beefy rancher front grill guard bumper on mine. I figure it'll be worth it's weight in gold, if I got in your predictament.
  5. Congradulations on "Hookin' and a Jabbin' " and a "Slicin' and a Dicin' " the Grim Reaper!
  6. T.E.O.T.W.A.W.K.I.A.I.F.F. ( The end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine). Pretty much knew the beginning of the end was coming several years back, so I got almost all my ducks in order since. Just waitin' for the "Shot Heard Round' the World", so I can start living the life I've been prepping for. I by no means wish it to happen, I'm just prepared for when it DOES happen, which I believe is just around the corner. I did spend over $3K about six years ago on a Hornady L-n-L AP reloader with all the accompanying bells and whistles, not including the many thousands of brass casings
  7. Hell, ain't nothing a little CLP couldn't bring back to life. On a more serious note though... It does hurt my eyes and heart.
  8. I went to a gunshow in town last year. Big long line, only one way in. It was moving slower than molasses in Jan. $5.00 admission as always. Three old farts together in front of me had to write checks for admission. I ain't shittin' you, I'll bet theys guys held the line up for a good 15 minutes before I advanced the six feet I needed to pay my five to get in. It ain;t so bad, people writing checks if they're fast and proficent, check and DL in hand, go on yer merry way. But these fogies had to smoke and joke ( they were nice guys) and each asked what the date was. That particular incide
  9. I haven't been to Disney Land since '90. I figure since the way everything has changed for the worse since then that this is a typical "Fairy Godmother " employee of Disneyland!
  10. I carry an Xd-.40 sub-compact with a shock/waterproof Viridian C5L green laser/ 100 lumen rail mounted mini light combo with Trijicon night sights, and carry it around in the Tacloc ECR (enhanced combat rediness) holster made specifically for this set up. I can set the laser/ light combo up with multiple combinations. Three different light brightnesses, and either a steady or flickering green laser dot. I have mine set on the brightest light setting with flickering laser dot. With the desired light and or laser combo set to your desired setting, you put it in the holster and the light and or l
  11. David Olofson is the guy who's life was completly torn apart by the ATF, due to a rifle malfunction that was out of his control. Quite possibly one of the worst cases of injustice I've ever heard about from the BATFags actions against this honorable vet.
  12. I went to the junkyard today with my pick-axe and relieved a bunch of 30 year old vehicles ac units of their air conditioning juices as well as taking a pickup truck load of full 1980's era Aqua-Net hair spray cans to the shooting range for target practice, in honor of Earth Day.
  13. How about .22 lr? I've got a 2 one hundred box a week connection of Remington Target for $11.00 a box (yea, I know, but my ole' lady just bought a Marlin 60 last week, and she's payin' the price).
  14. I don't understand why people take such offense to reading words that are embolden. Cracks me up, actually. But now for those voluptous girlie pictures here,.....well, being fond of a woman with a little meat on her bones,...... "BRING IT ON"!!!
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