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  1. Thanks alot for the info, fellers. I'll be going with the Ace set-up.
  2. Howdy. Doe's anyone know if they make a replacement front sight post for the Saiga? A long... long time ago, I hacked off mine on my 20" and pressed on a beefy muzzle brake, with the desire at the time to go scope only. Now I have mounted a 2x 40mm red/green dot scope, and would like to have a front sight assembly of some kind to be able to co-witness or just use iron sights all together, in case the SHTF and my batteries die or the glass was to break. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I would try the taller weaver style scope rings. It should bring your scope up enough to where you can get her zeroed in. They have different height rings out there. Good luck!
  4. Hey bro. Just surf the million pages in this forum, and you'll get every single answer you're lookin' for. Break in will usually be established after your first 500 rounds. Also, a recommendation I can make to you is another Saiga!
  5. 1.) my converted Saiga ak w/scope and green laser. 2.) my Sig P-220 .45 w/ laser 3.)my FN police tactical shotgun w/holographic scope and Surefire light attached
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