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  1. my hat to you and your kin. thank you for sharing this with us./me i wish you and yours my very best.
  2. Bvamp

    S 12 ready conditions

    i load 3" in my locked mag. also, just load a slug on top....save yourself the grief/worry......unless you load something really cheap, the gun shouldnt care anyway what you store in it....
  3. Bvamp

    Kalashnikov USA finally shipping Saiga 12

    i agree, the bolt shouldnt even kiss the rear trunion under fired recoil. no buffers
  4. what do you need right now, i will try to help you
  5. Bvamp


    im going to make a hidden catch of some kind for it, its proving quite difficult to source a working original locking mech. then all i need is a cheap florescent light in there, and some cheap coke collectibles, and bingo!
  6. Bvamp


    if they dont look, then it works... fuck it
  7. Bvamp


    so ive been busy with the house and the hurricane, but i have been messing with this gun every night almost and looking closely at a number of things. the front trunion isnt as beefy, but appears to be of a harder metal than the rear trunion. the rail spot welds are actually nearly perfect. the importer has explained to me the biggest difference to this thing is the bolt and carrier which are not interchangeable with the saiga12. the bolt carrier and piston is one piece on this. its pretty robust, but i doubt if i mis-set the gas setting with 3" cannon rounds it will hold, like the saiga12 wont as well. i still dont like the safety even though it operates very easily and smoothly. its positive, but really feels as if i can just rip it out. the finish - i have decided to not do solvent or chemical tests to it. it seems to be a light powder coating and is easy to scratch , which i dont care about anyhow. all rivets are well formed and mushroomed. trigger is smooth, needs very little work to be what i consider to be perfect. bolt to hammer also same. will require very little to make perfect, impressed with how close the fcg is to where i like it. trigger and hammer are in with a shepard's crook and not a cheap spring, i like. optic rail appears to be in line, but sights appear slightly left. dont know yet until i slug fest it. the recoil spring and piston are different, but appear to be adequate, again, will know more when i run it hard. i have some shells rusting as i write this....."dirty rotten nasty shotshells" post in mind, also frozen winter in mind.... i am still very happy with this gun, hopefully when i shoot it it doesnt let my hopes down. i dont think it will/ so far so good.....
  8. try doing what i do (sometimes unintentially) and not speak for an entire day, for any reason. its a lot harder than you think it is, but it gives you this peaceful feeling that i honestly cant explain or get any other way.
  9. i can tell you this - i do millwork installations for lowes under a contractor and we cant get ANY competant help that can pass a background check. its pretty ridiculous. nevermind factory mistakes, damaged products, mismeasurements, wrong this, wrong that, didnt sell the customer new locksets....its endless. half of my day consists of checking everything everyone did or didnt do before i break my ass in the heat. you should make saturday "me" day. im just now getting saturdays off, but next week, i have about 30 windows and 6 or 7 doors to install.... so my weekend is shot because i have to rest, and not work on my own shit. i miss working one week a month. you need to enjoy it, man....
  10. im jealous, i came to florida to semi retire, and did, but other things made me not. i hope you do well. its so much nicer half worrying about shit....
  11. Bvamp


    ok preliminary results. the safety is a piece of sheet metal shit. the stock is too short, it is a warsaw length stock, and not for modern man. the chrome lining is thin, but is there. when i rack the bolt, it actually makes a different noise than the saiga, due to thin and less hard/light metal. but i like it. ill knock it apart this weekend. the mag is off, blah blah. for 400 bucks, im already a fan, even if i put up negatives... i gotta do my thing yet, and knock it apart tomorrow, just give mew a minute. the gas plug is interesting....its a four position with scoops taken out of it, i will have to see at the range whats up with that. i got a low serial #, so take it with salt i guess. so far i think its a good gun.... i do like the fit and finish of it. its not as robust as the saiga12, but it fits well.