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    Ammo question

    Anyone know the reason Centurion stopped making their slugs? Anyone do any significant testing as to the accuracy of these things? Why aren't they dimpled, they'd fly farther :-P
  2. oilstain

    S-12 Retaining Plate Won't Go In

    Toughest part of my conversion as well. Dang plate was supposed to make things easier! Now, I'll know for next time to just look through after seating it, and if it rides to high to just dremmel it down a little. It didn't take much, and now everything snaps together just like the grown-up lego that it is!
  3. Pauly, would this include any work that lessens the overtravel? Do you do any such mods? I think that would be just as if not more desirable than the increase in smoothness. Thanks!
  4. oilstain

    Saiga 12 case thread

    Pauly, can you expound a bit on the "fabric lined inserts"? I'm having a hard time picturing what you are talking about. Thanks!
  5. oilstain

    Will my stock and grip work / Paint question

    Don't use the safety. Shit sorted, next!
  6. oilstain

    What is this little guy?

    Nothing to do with the little weird bottle, but the gun ran PERFECTLY today with slugs at the indoor range. I shot 38 slugs with no probs, and the guy in the next lane from me shot two before complaining about his shoulder :-) Have to say, if you are anti-social, this is a terrible shotgun to own. Everyone is interested! I would love to find somewhere to try to shoot birdshot (or even buck) in MD and see how other rounds cycle. >happy camper<
  7. oilstain

    What is this little guy?

    Found this little silver bottle in the box along with the standard black plastic oil bottle. Picked it up today, from LGS (vintage 09 somehow) Just thought it was weird as I've seen lots of pics of the little plastic bottle, but not the silver one.
  8. Lol, I'm in MD. That should explain some of the stupidity...
  9. I thought that was for end consumers (like me, to have shipped to them) But I was thinking of someone they could buy from and grab a half dozen or so. Thanks for the response!
  10. Please help me out here, my LGS says that they cannot get Saiga-12s because they aren't being imported right now. Can you guys help me out and post a few importers to show to them. I was hoping to support a local business and I'd like to see what kind of price they can do. Thanks, please let me know