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  1. That's too bad. Guess that's what lawyers are doing to us as a whole. I remember when the Harris County SO did a lot of ride-alongs. So did the DPS (Texas). I was with a federal agency and we weren't supposed to do ride-alongs, but... Does the Houston PD still have its Citizens' Police Academy? I was sitting on a stakeout one night, long long time ago. Me and my partner in a two door Chevy Caprice, in a deserted mall parking lot. We were waiting on a fugitive wanted on drug-trafficking charges. We're sitting in our car, darked out windows, public mall parking lot watching a local auto mechanics shop where the guy we were chasing was meeting with his people. This is in Texas, by the way. Out of nowhere, we see this beat to shit piece of crap Toyota circle us one, two, three times, then drive straight at us with the high beams on. Driver's side door opens and a guy gets out, stands in the beams casting a silouhette and we see a pistol in his hand. My partner and I both grab shotguns and roll out the doors screaming, "Hands up, motherf--cker!" We take this guy down and first words out of his mouth are, "I'm a cop and you guys are in serious trouble." "What kind of dumbassed cop are you?" I asked the guy. "Check it out," says my partner with a groan, showing me the guy's "credentials" which were in his normal billfold. The guy was a freaking Constable. If you're in Texas, you know what a Constable is. I look over at the auto shop and see lights going off and people leaving in a hurry because of the excitement our incident caused. The idiot constable demanded to know who we were. We simply told him that our badges had eagles on them (which he didn't get) and that he had been macro seconds away from getting shot. So don't be too hard on just the security guys. I've seen plenty of dumbass with real live commissioned law enforcement as well. I've also worked with plenty of private security operations that employed mainly former LE and military types that would put most police agencies to shame. You know, in Texas you can get your TCLEOSE certification without being employed by a LE agency. It's the way a lot of cops get their first LE job. Ever checked it out before? just curious. Bullfrog (re-tread)
  2. No, they are not. Don't believe me, check your state's statutes. I don't care what the statutes say. Wow, now there's a pro-law abiding attitude. lol Hmmm. Most major shopping malls make sure that they have commissioned officers working security for a variety of reasons, one being insurance/liability issues and the second being prosecutorial considerations. But thanks to your vast firsthand experience, you already knew that, right? (wink wink) Well, hundreds of millions of us are glad that "as far as your concerned," you're wrong--they're not cops. Problem is, too damned many of them think they are. And we might submit that if you don't want to be the crack of jokes, quit acting like that's exactly what you're after. Oh, and also while you're at it, try dialing up a little reality. Go out and join the military. Go out and apply for a citizens' police academy. Sign up for state police ride-along opportunities. Go do a reserve or volunteer deputy training regiment with your local sheriff's office. Nah, you won't do that. That's the real deal and it takes more than a closet full of clothes from Cheaper than Dirt or your local army/navy surplus store. It also takes fortitude, brains, determination and the ability to pry yourself away from your computer. But, the opportunity's there boys. Almost every sheriff's department has a reserve deputy program. If you can pass the psychological profile, meet the physical requirements and get your state-licensed certification, you can wear a real badge and make real arrests. Might just change your outlook. The real world tends to do that. Bullfrog (re-tired)
  3. LOL. Your little internet tough guy poster describes almost everyone on this forum thread. I never said anything about my background or experience and you numbnuts wannabes immediately start putting words in my mouth and defending yourselves. That's the first mark of a coward. But you're right. I'm probably just a sixteen year old high school girl sitting in a Catholic girls school for unwed mothers. LOL! Actually, someone on the AK forum showed this to us. Always on the look-out for phony soldiers and posers. Looks like we hit the motherload here. Bullfrog (retired)
  4. Why don't you go down to your local recruiter's office, sign up and join the real deal? See what's it's really like instead of posing and posturing. It never ceases to amaze me how enamorated with military and spec ops units some people seem to be, yet completely lack the testicles to even sign up for a walk-in-the-park two year tour in the Army. Guess it's easier and a lot less scary to just hang around army-navy surplus stores and jerk off to Cheaper Than Dirt mail-order catalogues than actually getting into the real thing. And by the way, numbnuts, if you're gonna use one of my old schools in a disparaging manner, spell it annotate it right: It's BUD/s. Go try it out for yourself sometime. Talk about your armchair soldiers and cops. LOL! This place is rock chalk full of them. Son, you'd soil your britches if you ever had to pull the trigger on another human being--and deep down inside, underneath all your phony tough guy bad ass bullshit, you know it. And you people wonder why you're the pathetic laughing stock of the legitimate and been-there-done-that gun, military and REAL police (not rentacop mall ninjas from the internet) communities? LOL! Bullfrog (retired)
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