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  1. Looking at my Saiga's the one thing I want to do is re-crown the barrel, this is not a easy or cheap task, I have the advantage of a qualified machinist for a neighbor, but have to wait for him to have time, not that I mind, hes a great guy.
  2. Krebs has them. Not quite, those are bolt on replacement gas blocks, not the type that goes over a standard gas block. Thanks though.
  3. Any one know where I can order one of those front sights that bolts on over the gas block? They seem to have vaporized from the internet......
  4. Glad you found the screw. I forgot to add that you could simply bring the Cali-cover with you and use the screw that fits through that, unless you were thinking that the LAPD planned to raid you while you where at HD.
  5. You could use your dremmel with a cut off wheel if you can get it in there, be aware that you may have some collateral finish damage with this approach, the other option is to drill it out, much easier with a drill press, but can be done with a hand drill. The drill approach is less likely to cause collateral damage, but you will need a sharp punch to put a good divot in the center of the rivet (I would drill on the flat side for obvious reasons) and just drill on it till it seems like you have the potential of breaking the head from the shaft, then try to knock it out with your punch and a ha
  6. I asked similar questions a while ago, perhaps my threads could be of use.... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=40967&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=40914&view=&hl=&fromsearch=1 Enjoy
  7. Thanks guys, I'll go have a look at C&S though I would love to hear from others.
  8. Can anyone fill me in on the attachment of FAL stocks to the ACE block on a S12 are people simply buying a FAL stock and cutting off the end a little and driving in screws? or is there a block made for them? Thanks for any help.
  9. I know this has been beaten before I remember something about dental floss, post conversion, how do I get the BHO back in? Also do I need to take metal off of a stock G2 hammer?
  10. I decided they were not worth the rape and opted for the AGP mags with the saigatech floor plates. Alternately get some surefires and cut em down.
  11. The more I look at them and handle my gun I am thinking that I'll just keep my 19" and go get another and have it hacked down to 8" the AK system is already kinda long and if I am going to pay for the privilege of the SBS I guess I might as well go for the gold. you know what I mean?
  12. I got some news you may not like, any retailer can refuse to do business with you, that is part of freedom and the free market...... sorry. And the rule is in place because there is not enough ammo and other stores were coming in to Walmarts, because Walmart decided not to put its party stick in your pooper and kept their prices low, those other stores were buying all of Walmarts stock, doubling its price and reselling it. Walmart chose to try and keep stock in and available to you at fair prices by blocking those who were able and willing to capitalize on the situation. This is capitalism
  13. It's also ugly as sin, I would go to Kalinka Optics for a better mount.
  14. Sorry I guess I was asking more if it was uncomfortable and/or burned the hair on your hands? But thanks for the sweet pics.
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