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  1. Got it. Thanks. I can't wait to get one of these !
  2. Where can I see Nathan's stuff ?
  3. I haven't been to this site for a some time. This adapter is terrific news. I'm definitely interested! The only info I could find is on this thread. Where can I see more? I see an e-mail address here. Is that the best way to contact Magnolia? How tough is the installation? Doing my own 308 conversion was a breeze. How does this installation compare skillwise? You mention grinding. Are we talking dremel tool or something more serious?
  4. Haven't had a chance to fire it, but 25 rounds handcycled through smooth as silk. Here's a shot of the top, hope the angle is what you wanted. Note the area at lower left of the follower: that's metal, the last round BHO, IMHO a pain in the neck because of the hassle removing the mag. Not worth the trouble.
  5. HOLY CRAP, DUDE!! The mags are here. Ordered on Tuesday, order shipped on Wednesday, in my mailbox on Friday. They're in Kentucky, I'm in Georgia, but still, that's service! This is my first time posting pics anywhere on the net, but here goes: OK, I can't figure it out. I see "manage attachments" but no way to put anything in the list. And if 750K is the max attachment size then I can't send pix anyway. The mags look just like the pix I've seen in this thread of other mags from Surefire. They fit snugly with no wobble. The floorplate fits on the outsite and is rather wi
  6. Received another e-mail from SaigaStock stating the mags shipped this morning via US mail. Yeah SaigaNoobie, I thought about ordering just one but what the hey no guts no glory. With my luck, I'd've order one and liked it a bunch only to have the supply disappear. Competition rules, SOPMOD. I'd like to see 'em for $20 but a lot of folks are going to have to buy a lot of mags for that to ever happen.
  7. Saigastock.com just now showed 62 units in stock so I ordered two @ $46.95 ea plus $7.95 shipping for total of $101.85. No ship date was mentioned when ordering or in the confirmation e-mail. I'll keep you posted...
  8. If you listen to Al Gore, you won't have to wait too long... i hope he's right! its freaking zero degrees at my house with a -20 windchill. everyone do me a favor and empty a can of hairspray into the sky. Has your character been "built on" a little too much lately... It was a "nipply" 55 (above) here in S.E. GA today, but it looks like I'll have to turn the heat on for the 29 (above) were expecting tonight. Fifteen of us went camping in the North Georgia mountains last weekend. 8 degrees Saturday morning. Thank God for global warming, else we'd probably all have fr
  9. Feed a piece of dental floss up through the slot the BHO tang protrudes through, run it through the loop in the BHO spring, then back down through the slot. Pull the floss down with the left hand, guide the various bits with the right. Piece of cake.
  10. Have any immediate plans to again offer the adapter? I'm one guy still interested. Your AK furniture looks terrific. Where can I read more about it? If you've started a thread I missed it.
  11. I just put a tape to my gas piston and the exposed length measures 5.75 inches so I'm guessing it's 6.25 overall. As far as I know, the short piston is only for the ultra-short (14") barrel of the AMD. Getting the old piston out was a bit of a pain, but I didn't go to the trouble measuring and all that G O B describes above. Maybe I just got lucky, but I believe the AK design tolerates some imprecision in fitting. Tapco's piston is clearly marked "TAPCO USA".
  12. All my 308 conversion stuff came from Tapco, including the gas piston. I pull the trigger, it goes BANG every time. I'm happy. Does TAPCO have a reputation I don't know about?
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