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  1. Been expectign this from day one of the Ukranian debacle. Made sure I had Izmash made 5.45x39 rifle and a supply of 7N6 before all this came to a boil. Already had a Izmash 7.62x39 rifle and stack of ammo for it. I just remember all those nay sayers saying it will never happen. Yeah, right.... Saw this one coming from light years out. BTW, everyone get their Mosin Nagants yet? I am sure they will be next.
  2. Been expecting this. One reason I scrambled to get a SGL-31 when all this Ukrainian BS started. Personally, I am on Russia's side in this, historically the Ukrainians were Nazi supporters who aided Hitler and are know to have major Neo-Nazi movement going (which is what started this whole thing). I am pretty sure it was the Ukranians military who shot down the plane as it helps them get support from the west. Nothing we need to get mixed up with. Next question, have enough ammo stacked up?
  3. If you can, the InterArms/High Standard Tantals are the way to go. I have one, came with chromed bore, US receiver and just enough part changes to pass 922r. Not sure what they are going for now, had mine a few years already.
  4. BTW, it is illegal to manufacture SBRs in WA state except for military, LEO or export. If you decide to get one you have to use an out of state manufacturer and get it transferred here. I am on the fence on this one, have several candidates like an AR pistol, AMD-65 and a VZ-61 Scorpion pistol I would like to SBR, just not sure it is worth the hassle.
  5. You think you have it bad... The neighbor across the street has five, count them, five daughters. Every year I get inundated by them asking me to buy their calorie filled wares. And even worse, two doors down is another neighbor with a Girl Scout daughter too. Now to top it all off a family just moved in next to me on the other side with two more girls. WHAT IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO DO NOW???
  6. . It should only count magazine fed pistols, that fully enclose the magazines within the grip. It should only count simple blowback actions. Most pistols are NOT simple blowback actions. Due to high pressures most pistols use some sort of locking mechanism, only low powered rounds like .22LR, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, . 380 and 9x18 Mak use simple blowback. Your argument falls apart right there then. I do however agree with you that this ban is arbitrary, opportunistic and just plain sucks.
  7. Back about 30+ years ago, when congress was still a little bit educated in science compared to our present congress, the scientific research funding requests had to be written at a 6th grade level. I shudder to think what it is like now. I know this as we were required to take classes in "technical writting" in our degree program at a science and engineering university (NMIMT) so we could dumb down technical papers and proposals for this target audience. This is why the US is so backwards and behind in general STEM knowledge, our government will not make a requirement to teach it and allows
  8. It was NEVER the Czechoslovakian SOVIET Republic. I am very offended that you said that. It was Ceskoslovenska Socialisticka Republika (Czechoslovakian Socialist Republic). Never was Soviet, just a mamber of the Warsaw pact. I ought to know, I was born there and saw the tanks in 1968 too. As to my screen name, ...think about it....
  9. Good decision on your part. I have had a chance to inspect/handle a couple of Tavors and for my part, I am NOT impressed. The supposed ergonomics are just not there for me. The lenght of pull seems just a tad too long. Also the forward hand quard is awkward, get worse if you try the supported 5 points of contact hold as recomended by the IDF. Sorry, will stick to standard AR-15s, SIG 55x platform (have 551-A1 and 556R) and AKs. BTW, it is not the bullpup thing, I have a nice .308 bullpup consiting of a Springfield M1A in a Juggernaught Rogue chassis which I love.
  10. OK, thanks. Will see if I can figure out how to post pics later. Got me a small collection of AKs with two SGL series saigas. Good to be back again.
  11. Just got myself an SGL-31-61 5.45x39 Saiga build. Are they considered Saiga or is this area only for purists? Decided to drop the hammer on it as any and all real Russian AKs will soon be under iport restrictions I fear. Came with one 30 round circle 10 mag and paperwork (manual, factory certificate, etc.) Will be topping it off with Tapco 249 grip and a Midwest Industries 30mm scope mount with Vortex Strikefire scope. Might switch out the hand guard for a Midwest Industry smooth modular extended. Anyway, expect these to beceom unobtainium soon. Made/imported by FIME group out of Las Vegas
  12. From what I have seen/heard the ATF has banned all MilSurp ammo as being "Armor Piercing". Supposedly some moron made a 5.45x39mm pistol and told the government. The rumor has been confirmed from several sources, including a posted copy of the ATF letter. Well, I have spam cans stacked high so this will not affect me, short of a war here in the states that is. NRA been getting my money for the past decade, have no more to give at this moment.
  13. Went and picked up my M1 Garand yesterday. I had left it to be rebarreled and fitted with new wood a month ago. Picked it up a year ago and but was not sure it needed a rebuild. Finally I asked the local riflesmith, one of the few old school ones left in the area, what he thought. He is a retired marine sniper and will not work on any semi-autos unless they are M1 or M1A/M14 models, most of his work is custom bolt guns. Anyway, it looks like new to me. If I get lucky and the weather hold I may try shooting it next week. I am just giddy, love weapons made of wood and steel.
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