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    Guns, Scale Models, Wargames, SciFi, FRPGs and pretty women. Not in that order.

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Graduate of the university of Parris Island, SC. Semper Fi!!! Reformed physicist, ex-biologist and retired UNIX admin. Hopeless romantic, friend to dogs and children, lover of beautiful women and social philosopher at large. I miss living under the spacious clear skies of New Mexico, must return there one day. Right now enjoying he beauties of the Pacific North West and living under the volcano. Amateur gunsmith with a growing appreciation of older firearm designs. I collect military rifles, mostly Mausers and Mosin-Nagants, but also some cold war era stuff . Soviet hardware is some of the toughest in the world and cheaply acquired. Right now I sell books and music on the internet and terrorize my local plate league at the range once a week.

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