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  1. Well guys, got the .410 SBS all done last weekend, what a great toy to play with, more fun than my SBS 12g, fireball out the muzzle from 3" shells almost no recoil or muzzle lift, knocks down steel plates, I'm thinking I might have to build another one for myself seeing as this one is for the other half, Thanks to all who helped.
  2. Thanks Tony for the information, just what I'm looking for, are you able to cycle short loads or 3" only with the 10.5 " set up ?? Thanks
  3. Thanks Vankiller for the reply, I guess not many people have bothered to SBR the little .410 compared to the 12g. I see that tony on his website has a short barreled one listed and the saiga factory makes quite a range of AK look alikes, to me the long barrel is just not pleasing and gets in the way, a short barrel and handguard would improve its appeal and use alot more. Any chance Tony would like to drop a hint regarding gas block set back and hole size for say a 10" -12" barrel length, I'm From NZ and we are allowed to have a 30" overall length of shotgun, the .410 was intended for the ot
  4. Hey Guys, just wondering if anybodys gone the short barrel tromix type conversion around 10" - 12" if its the same format as the 12g model in that you have to move the gas block back as well, if so what will it still cycle on, light loads or heavy. Am thinking it could be a great toy to have next to its bigger brother THANKS
  5. Thanks Tony for the answer, I'm amazed that it pop's back in the hole with out being contained when the bolt is to the rear, is guess the force of rearward impact would move it up but the spring pressure closing it would force it back down on the rails. Also when you move the gas system back I expect you are decreasing the lock time of the bolt and increase the chamber pressure, is the action of shooting seem alot snapper THANKS
  6. Hello guys, this is my first post at this forum but have been reading the posts for awhile, I'm from New Zealand and I'm just amazed what you guys are allowed to do with your toys and how cheap and available everything is. I understand that some of you move the gas block back to gain more pressure when you shorten the barrel, I think Tromix talks about up to 4" with a short 8 - 10" barrel, what I'm not clear on is what holds the bolt still to the rails, I would have thought if you took that much off the bolt part that is pushed by the piston then it would no longer be contained within the gas
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