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  1. Yeah, I already shoot a lot of 357 anyways. Those Rossi mare's legs are still kinda hard to find, but they have a 16" barrel carbine in 357 that I've always liked. If I get a rifle, I'd like something fairly short for carrying in the tractor.
  2. Alright, I'm going to be about $400 ahead this month, and I'm going to use it on a new gun. I'm having a hard time deciding on what to get. I want something that's useful while out on our ranch and that will be somewhat affordable to shoot. I'm thinking about one of those Rossi mare's leg type pistols in 357 or maybe a Ruger Single-six. If ya'll have any ideas (rifle, shotgun, or handgun), I'd like to hear them.
  3. Anyone?? I know its hard to find taurus parts without going to the factory, but there's got to be somewhere that sells parts for these guns.
  4. Alright, I need some help. I just purchased a Taurus 66 revolver that has some issues right out of the box. I've always been a fan of Taurus products, but recently everything I've bought from them has been slightly screwed up. This gun had an issue with timing and binding of the yoke. I just fixed the binding problem with a little hand-fitting. Now, I need an un-messed-around-with factory hand to correct the timing problem. I spoke with Taurus earlier, and they want the gun sent back to them. I don't trust the "gunsmiths" at Taurus, so I just want the part so I can fix it the right way. I've already tried Numrich, but their out of stock on the part I need. So does anyone know of a good source of factory Taurus parts?
  5. Maybe I just got lucky, but mine is scary accurate considering what all it's probably been through. Its a 1943 ex-PU, the barrel has been counter-bored, but the rest of the barrel looks alright. The first time I took it out, I was just screwing around shooting at an 18" tall piece of flashing at 400+ yds from the top of a ridge on our ranch. I hadn't even sighted the damn thing in yet so with the sights set for 500m, I was hitting that square piece of flashing every time with cheap surplus ammo while using the hood of a truck as a rest. WAAYYY more accuracy than I was expecting out of a piece of shit $100 gun.
  6. I put a K-var NATO length stock on my .308. It's a great stock that that doesn't break the bank and I don't think I could break it if I was trying. I'm about 6'1" and it fits me perfect with iron sights and with a scope mounted on a BP-02 mount.
  7. bbgot

    stock trigger group

    When I first got my .308 I did't plan on converting it. I have done trigger jobs on just about any firearm you can think of and I tried to do a trigger job on the stock Saiga trigger. After stoning the stock trigger on the .308 it still felt like crap, so I finally just did the conversion and never looked back. I stoned the Tapco G2 trigger I put in my rifle and it came out great. Almost like a good 2-stage trigger. It's so easy to convert these things and it makes a world of difference.
  8. Thanks for the replies. Do you think that removing the rear sight would allow the scope to be mounted on the Saiga?
  9. Hi, I am going to be buying a saiga .308 rifle with the 22" barrel soon and I want to put a PSOP 8x42 scope on it. I plan on leaving the rifle unconverted. I have heard that the 42mm PSOP scopes contact the rear sight on the saiga, but I have also seen a picture of a saiga with a 42mm POS/PSOP type scope on it at: http://www.sksboards.com/smf/index.php?topic=8571.0 Does anyone have first-hand experience with these scopes on the saiga? Any help would be appreciated.
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