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  1. That is the same place I ordered mine from, and i was very pleased with what i got. I ordered the lower version of that mount that doesn't allow the use of the irons, but like I said, it is a very good mount and it seems like it's almost as durable as my Saiga. So I would recommend this particular mount to you. P.s.- i had some difficulty getting my scope to adjust low enough to make zero, so i "chocked" the rear of the scope by adding a piece of rubber in between the ring and the scope. It worked perfectly and it also kind of acts like a recoil buffer to the scope. This problem wasn't due
  2. Yes brother is a Vepr ultimak on there and thanks for the complement. Did you have to modify it or did that tube just fit right on there?
  3. So I live in Louisiana and I'm planning on buying my .223 Saiga a new big sister in 7.62x39mm. I am looking for the cheapest place to get one that is completely unmodified. I am looking forward to doing the conversion myself. Anyway, I would like to get a brand new one, but i'll take what I can get for cheap. Hoping not to spend more than $250 for the gun. Anyone know any cheap southern dealers that I could buy from direct or maybe even have it shipped to an FFL around here. My specific location is Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
  4. Did you vent those handguards yourself? they look amazing.
  5. BTW, I've looked high and low and maybe I'm blind, but i can't find that AR mag adapter anywhere. Please enlighten me to it's origins, because AR mags are cheap as hell at the surplus place down here and one of those would be friggin sweet.
  6. Thanks for the compliment. yours looks fu@*ing sweet man!
  7. David says the parts were from an Arsenal Inc. gun someone had traded. They fit perfectly into my .223 Saiga and I've never had any problems with them. I've only put about 150 rounds through it since they were installed, but as of now, no problems. So theres your manufacturer. Arsenal Inc out of Las Vegas. Their website says that they don't sell parts though, only complete rifles.
  8. I told you that I would find out when I can. I feel no need to explain myself any further to you. I will find out who made the parts so that you guys can get your spare parts. As for my rifle being Legal, I've already explained it to you twice. It is legal. Say what you want, I don't care. If you don't believe me, it's your own damn problem. God forbid someone have a stock looking Saiga because Lord knows thats a cardinal sin. Just because it looks stock, doesn't mean that it is. I know that my rifle is legal regardless of what any of you tell me, because a state law enforcement official wh
  9. It keeps the Govt. happy. I'm happy. Everybody wins. Now if I could just get these guys who are supposed to be on my team to stop busting my balls...
  10. Don't know who the manufacturer is. The gunsmith I got them from told me they were U.S. parts made in Vegas, and it's got U.S. next to all the parts on the receipts. I'll ask about the specific manufacturer next time I'm in there. I looked arround, and the only Vegas manufacturer that does AK's that I found was Arsenal inc. Like I said though, I have no idea who made them. It really doesn't matter if they were made in Vegas, Canada, or Swaziland, the receipt says U.S. and for legal purposes, thats all I need. They aren't Saiga specific, of that I'm positive. They work though.
  11. Read my post again. I didn't say they were original parts. I'm not a fucking idiot, and yes I know the gun is made in Russia. Those are all parts i put in after the fact.
  12. with that block out front, it should funtion as a heater! lol
  13. Look up mississippi auto arms. They sell a skeleton stock that will fit your rifle without modification and its only like 70 dollars. Don't know if they ship to the netherlands. i bought one for my rifle and I love it. Has a great feel.
  14. Bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier, recoil spring, mag housing, mag floor plate, mag follower. The bolt and all were made in Las Vegas. 4 parts. The surefire counts as 3 parts. LEGAL. Not to mention that my dad (who is a sheriff's officer) got me the number of the Captain within the Louisiana State Police who deals with the BATFE, and low and behold, guess who told me that it was legal. Not only did he say it was legal as it is, but he told me that i never really had to worry about anything anyway. If you're in a situation where 922 is under question, you've already done something that
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