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  1. Just thinking out loud here, but could a bren magazine be made to work? 30 rounds of 30-06 in a curved magazine, I like that idea! http://www.ima-usa.com/product_info.php/products_id/64 Case Length: 2.222 in (56.44 mm) Overall Length: 3.04 in (77.2 mm)
  2. Sheesh, am I the only one who has to drive in the winter?
  3. Thanks for the clarification, It's been a while since I had to play the 922r game.
  4. welcome to the club I don't belive so, that would be adding an "evil feature" Correct, those are russian. If you are doing the full conversion (moving the trigger and adding a pg) You can install a G2 trigger it's US made and counts as 3 parts. Order the single hook. You can also install anew gas piston, one from Arsenal USA, the install is pretty straightforward, and can be done with a vice, battery drill, hacksaw and a hammer. US mags are 3 parts, body, floorplate and follower.
  5. Laminated simply means layers of wood. notice how the stock has "rings" instead of single grain pattern. Nice gun, but the wood needs a refinish. I'd clean it with a stripper, then hit it with 2 coats of minwax sedona red stain, then top with 3 coats of tung oil. should look dead sexy. Solid wood http://www.ironwooddesigns.com/AK%20pics/AKWAL2.JPG Laminate http://www.ironwooddesigns.com/AK%20pics/AKLAM5.JPG
  6. I also recall a BATFuck ruling saying putting a thumbhole stock on an imported saiga (no other modifications) was illegal, as they ruled the thumbhole was the same as a pistol grip.
  7. To the best of my knowledge, putting that stock on an unconverted aiga still leaves you 3 parts shy of the 922R requirement. Thus, it's illegal (not that anyone actually goes out looking for 922 violators), and is something you should be aware of
  8. Tapco G2 FCG, Arsenal USA Gas piston, Promag 30 round polymer mag, US nato length stock, Tapco PG, Bulgarian handguards, retainer and mag latch, Bushnell trophy red dot. Desperately needs a flash hider and folding stock to complete the AK-103 look. And this is my buddies, 50 round US mag, Arsenal USA Piston, Tapco galil grip.
  9. So what happens when the guy in the room sees a gun pop around the corner? I can guarantee he wont stand still and be shot. He'll move, and now your gun is pointed at some weird angle. I'd rather use a flashbang thank you very much.
  10. I ended up using a bnch grinder to get my PG nut to fit, looks like you guys got lucky.
  11. When you say relocated trigger, do you mean you have converted the gun to the correct military configuration? OR do you mean the position of the trigger on the sporter rifle is relocated from the military configuration? Also, is that a pic you took of your FCG? or a stock image from someplace? The circled part looks like a profie view of the hammer. If the rifle is in sporter config, then A B and C are all correct, just remember, that the disconnector needs to have a spring in between it and the modified single hook trigger. If you have converted from sporter to military config, then you just need a new Tapco G2 trigger (for compliance, and to replace the sporter one) and you have to salvage the disconnector spring from the sporter trigger. put the spring between the disconnector and trigger, and put it into the receiver (easier said than done). In both cases make sure the FCG retaining plate, or Shepards crook are holding the FCG pins in place.
  12. Ahh, get it to stop looking at me! I plan on using my MN 91/30 this year. maybe I'll actually see something this season.
  13. Me thinks the cat passed out from the chemicals. And why do cats always rub against the muzzle of a gun when you have one out, do they all have a death wish or something.
  14. Straight - Crown Royal Mixing - Jack Daniels Tight on Cash - Kesslers
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