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  1. Not surprising - Pravda just ran another article on April 9.
  2. Dammit...and I used the Search thing, too. Shit...
  3. Anyone else see this? http://english.pravda.ru/business/companies/09-04-2012/121031-kalashnikov_izhmash-0/
  4. My Arsenal build, with a Bulgarian stock set and Bulgarian bayonet on it.
  5. Holy shit I want to come play with your toys.
  6. crlovel

    Uh Oh...

    DER GUNNA GIT R SAGAZ!!!!!! Sorry, I was overwhelmed by the moment...
  7. crlovel

    Barrel shroud

    THAT is nice. I may have to replace my Warthog.
  8. Because they know we prefer to do the work ourselves? Seriously, no idea.
  9. Ok, now the conversion is complete! ACE Club Stock, Tromix trigger, Chaos quad rail with Warthog break, Bushnel optics, MD20 drum, MD gasplug. She's a heavy one.
  10. I picked up mine at the Split Rock gun show in PA for $490, with a 10 round Surefire mag. Every now and then, you'll find a better price.
  11. When I fit my mag and drums, I used the sharp edge of my Kabar. Literally, four or five passes, barely a hair shaved off, and it fit exactly as it was meant to.
  12. I love these AK kits for LEOs only. Are there ANY LEOs running around with AKs or Saiga 12 gauges?
  13. crlovel


    You could have saved the poor water tank some pain by just asking Harry Whittington.
  14. crlovel

    Look what I found!

    Where's the smiley in the puddle of drool???? I want one of those!
  15. crlovel

    Look what I found!

    There's a gatling gun conversion kit for Ruger 10/22s that takes two rifles, pairs them up on a rig, and mounts a crank to them. Actually, it looks more like an AA gun. Anyway, the way those are laying there makes me wonder if anything like that rig has ever been built for AKs/Saigas.
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