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  1. All the Yugo AKs are supposed to have them. By the time the parts kits got to us, most of the tritium in them have gone bye-bye. . . . Nope http://www.akfiles.com/forums/showthread.php?t=34863 I myself have had a few with painted sights. These are generally early versions. I've since sold off the rifles or kits with painted sights and kept the tritium versions. In many cases, yes the tritium is spent.
  2. I wouldn't call you a nazi. They have discipline.
  3. Zastava. Known to most as the Yugo's. Now what's the definition of best? Receiver stamped. If we're talking quality, then milled is better but from a war standpoint, best is production! Receiver is 1.5mm as opposed to the others at 1mm. No problem the M70's are made both stamped and milled. Bores not chrome lined, little higher on the accuracy level but at the cost of corrosion. Some of them have built in night sights. All have the flip up gas shut off for launching grenades. The man himself said the Yugo's are the best around. That counts for something... My collecti
  4. I have a dumb question... If this is their paid for forum by a business, why can anyone post in it?
  5. What if you added rail that clamps on the existing rail to elevate the sight a bit? It will sit a little higher, but should move the sight out of the way enough. I guess that's the down side of bolting US sights on AK type weapons.
  6. I'll give you a best offer of $60 shipped, payment of your choice.
  7. Not the best photoshop but I'm not getting paid either... BTW, we may lose the sling mount. I asked about that in my email but didn't get a reply on it.
  8. not lonely, I've been watching..hoping... Well, I dropped the idea of the Russian one the minute I saw this.....
  9. Well they came through and my picture was replaced with the prototype!! WOO HOO SIGN ME UP!
  10. Yeah that CAD drawing doesn't make it look too awesome. I think it's going to look pretty good in person. No idea on preorder amount or cut off date. He did say he had a lot of preorders so far which is good considering I haven't seen too much talk about it, but I'm hoping the power of the saiga 12 forum can generate more interest and get the project flowing. Will: Yes that's for the s12, but there is also a rifle version that will be made pending the interest.
  11. I was going to put a roof mount in my car to keep one overhead but a good post I read kept me from doing it. The breakdown of it was: A guy has a rifle in the window of his truck. A car behind him slows down as the guy parks in his driveway. The car sits there a second and drives away. A week or so later someone broke into his house and a bunch of guns were stolen. I'm just as well off taping $100 bills to my rear window.
  12. Gilbert's is taking pre orders on the Saiga forearm. This is made by "SGM" (Surefire gun mags, not to be confused with surefire) if they receive enough interest (preorders), they will go into production. They should be receiving a sample within the next couple days, and will be shooting pictures of it. They have them listed for both 12GA and rifle. I received an email today from them as I had a few questions. "We have toyed around with the type of finish, and the glass content of the unit to produce an outstanding finished product. We are all very excited about this produc
  13. I think this thread died a lonley, miserable, death.
  14. I'm sure you could modify a VZ58 stock to fit if you had to have bakelite.
  15. You wouldn't need the latch, or spring. You just need a guard and selector stop. There are a couple pics on the site that show what it looks like. I know I posted one in the "lets see your s12" thread.
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