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  1. Time for some bolt polishing!

  2. Two weeks to Sweden! I should have bought the car in the summer!

    1. lvjeffro


      I am sure you will have a blast, your honor. Yes it is cold there, but they have pretty good beer. I lived there for about a year 15 years ago. beautiful country, and stockholm is an amazing city...

    2. Paulyski


      Are you buying a Volvo in Sweden, kinda like the BMW delivery program where you go to Germany & drive it on the Autobahn, then they ship it to the states?

    3. Elkhound


      Yes, we are using Volvo's overseas purchase program. They give you free airfare and one nights hotel and a tour of the factory. Then, we bought a side trip, through Volvo, to Stockholm. You can custom order the car, too. However, mine is not very custom, other than their two tone leather is not normally installed in their white cars.

  3. I am ready for Thanksgiving!

  4. Cobra's on Thursday-let's blast some evil milk jugs!

    1. Cobra 76 two

      Cobra 76 two

      Lookin forward toit!

    2. Lone Star Arms

      Lone Star Arms

      Have fun guys. Wish I could join you!

  5. Greg's customer service cannot be beat. He ships faster than anyone in the industry. Great selection of products, too.

  6. Keith and Cliff are outstanding! Excellent products, excellent work and excellent customer service. I have bought several items from them and they have worked on my other S-12s. They have always exceeded my expectations.

  7. Mike rocks! I have bought two of his S-12s and I highly recommend him as a man of character and great skill.

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