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    saiga 20 gauge ???

    Yes, they exist. I have one. It is a factory mag from overseas. It's not a frankenmag. jd1
  2. jd1

    My AGP mags from Mississippi Auto Arms.

    How about making a shell catcher/stopper? A pvc frame with some netting to catch the hulls or at least knock them down in front of you. It would be cheap, portable and easy to break down. There are some commercially made ones that are essentially just that and are even made to catch the empties in a bucket or bag. jd1
  3. jd1

    FINALLY !!!!

    Too late for you but you should have tried the Remington cheap stuff in the green and tan box. My S20 loves them. They're the Rem Game Loads at Commie Mart for 3.27. jd1
  4. jd1

    Saiga 20 range/ammo report.

    I love my S20! The manual had the settings on the gas plug backwards so I was having jams with the standard ammo on my first range trip but the magnum shells were working fine. I conferred with the saiga forums guru's and take the plug out and see that the 1 is for magnum and 2 is for standard. Buy more ammo, go shooting. This thing will shoot as fast as you can pull the trigger. Mine likes the Remington Game Load and Hi-velocity game loads, the green and tan box 8 and 7 1/2 cheap stuff, lo-brass on the 2 setting. It DOES NOT like the cheap Winchester white box with the red stripe. With the Winchester it would shoot the one in the chamber, extract the shell, not eject it, and feed one from the mag into the chamber. I would be left with a live one in the chamber and the fired one still held by the extractor. Other times it might fire the last 3 in the mag without a hitch but usually every mag of this stuff had problems. I picked up a box of the Winchester AA black box and it fires fine on the magnum setting. It shot like a scalded dog with the AA shells. It shot fine with Winchester black box 3" turkey loads I picked up on clearance. The next time I have time at the range I will work more with the 2 3/4" ammo in the 3" mags with the followers reversed. It was hit or miss the times I've tried it so far. Other than mg's and smg's I've fired, this has to be my favorite weapon. For the concerned, every time I've fired it, it has been in a safe and/or approved area, and I didn't even try to bump fire it. I've not patterned it yet or shot buck or slugs through it, just breaking it in and seeing what settings were needed for which loads. I've not fired any Federal through it yet. Now that I know how much I like it, I need to find someone who wants to trade their Saiga 12 or 20 for my extra Rem 1100 12 gauge. happy shooting, jd1
  5. I checked and the 1 is for magnums and 2 is other. The cut-out was on the 2. Thanks for the help. jd1
  6. Thanks guys. That was my next step, take out the plug and see which setting was which. I'll let you know how it turns out. I hope to shoot it again this week. Thanks for the quick reply. As a side note, I have an AK style stock on my Saiga, metal buttplate and all, and I have some good shoulder marks today. I had a good cheek weld and the shotgun tight into my shoulder but that buttplate is unforgiving, but it sure looks cool! Later, jd1
  7. OK, I finally went out with some friends and shot my conversion today. I had some Rem HV All purpose 7/8 oz 8 shot. My manual says Pos 1 is non-magnum and 2 is Magnum. Having remembered that you can mess up your shotgun shooting magnums on the wrong setting, I followed the manual. With the All Purpose, it would shoot the first round and not eject, 2nd round, same thing. Sometimes it would feed the last 3 of a 5 round string and sometimes the last 2, sometimes all 5 were singles. I switched the setting to 2 for magnum per the manual and shot some 3" Max Dram 1 1/4 oz 5 shot Turkey loads (got them on sale). It ran like a top. I shot only 10-15 rounds of 3" through it. I then reviewed the manual and followed the directions of turning the gas nut c-clockwise till it stopped and backed it up to 1 for light loads. Same thing as before. I don't believe I put more than 13-15 rounds of 3" through it. I put a total of about 30 2 3/4 through it. Before you ask, I did use the 2 3/4 mag with the 2 3/4 shells, and changed magazines out to make sure it wasn't a mag problem. Is the manual just backwards? I'm looking at it as I type this post and it reads, "(Options: Position 2 is for Magnum, heavey loads; Position 1 is for non Magnum loads)". I certainly don't want to hammer my rear trunnion. If I would have been smart I would have tried shooting the lighter loads on the magnum setting, just ran out of time. It was still fun to shoot. We were shooting into east MS kudzu and had a trail cut after a few rounds. The guys I was shooting with had never seen anything like it and really enjoyed it. Also, the Colibri primer only rounds in a Ruger Single Six are a hoot to shoot. You don't need hearing protection (really, and I were it with 22 LR) and they can make a can jump at 15 feet. My 8 yr old son could hit with it, no problem, as well as my wife and my buddies wife (who doesn't shoot a lot). I don't think I could recommend a better pistol/caliber combo for someone starting to shoot. No recoil, no loud noises, get close to your target and see the results. Great fun. OK, back to the topic, is the manual just bass ackwards? I'll check back tomorrow because I'm out of state and using another computer. Thanks, jd1
  8. jd1


    You're more than welcome. I've not been on Saiga.com for a while but I found this post tonight. The nylon hole plugs are my one and only claim to fame and main contribution to the WECSOG curriculum. JD1
  9. jd1

    Infamous Nylon Plugs (Rivets) for Receiver

    I'm still waiting for my royalty check!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! jd1
  10. Check out this link http://www.rkengineeringco.com/eclip.htm Lowe's and Home Depot have them in their pieces and parts drawers in the fastener section. You'll need the 7/32 ones. It wouldn't hurt to get 2 packs of 2 in case one goes flying. I didn't lose one but came close. jd1
  11. I like the 7/32 e-clip idea. I had used 1/4 and filed them down but the 7/32 is perfect. jd1
  12. jd1

    10 rounder arrived from Oleg

    I'd have to look it up to be sure but you would need to convert pounds to US$. It is rusmilitary.com. Go to magazines. I believe he has more. They are 3" magazines not 2 3/4". Try this link http://www.rusmilitary.com/html/c-deact_magazines.htm jd1
  13. Ordered on 2.2.05 and arrived today on 2.17.05. Looks great. It's a little tight locking in but I'm sure it will loosen up. And it's extra length makes it easy to lock it in. And to top it off, my K Var pkg arrived today as well with a Romanian forward swept pistol grip and upper handguard and 2, count em 2, Romanian front sight bases. jd1
  14. Way to go Indy. Now it makes more sense to people. What's the saying, one picture is worth 1000 posts? Since this thread will be my forever claim to fame I must try to keep it alive as long as possible. jd1