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  1. I'd fly down there just to s**t on one of their streets if I could hold it that long. 🀨 I wonder if taking a nice big Mr. softy type shite (think of the cup in 2 girls, 1 cup here ) would be considered "gentrification" in SF?
  2. They're probably masturbating about a bunch of guns going in the smelter anyway, so it would add a note of realism to their fantasy. Wonder if a six million scoville unit hot sauce would even bother a skanky SF bitch with nine piercings in her vag anyway? Live a little dangerously. I would be f**ked if I would die suddenly, and they did an investigation on my computer's browser history. I was just testing to see if Linux was truly secure. Yeah, that's the excuse I'm sticking to... Would be funny if the agent checking out the computer got caught rubbing one off...
  3. G_ddamn, I'd rather go shooting than watch most of those skanks rub one out.
  4. This is what us gun owners are up against. Philadelphia apparently has one too. Come to think of it, there are a bunch of gun haters in Philly too (usually the ones doing the illegal shootings in the first place, who "crocodile tear" that something needs to be done about all the crazy gun violence in the city to the news media when they finally show up).
  5. Or make Ebola transferable by body fluids the next time they have one of their masturbate-a-thons. And I shit you not about those masturebate-a-thons. Google it if you don't believe me. πŸ™„ Darn, no wiener pulling emoji on the forum here either for emphasis. πŸ˜„
  6. Just a ploy to take the heat off of them for all the junkie/homeless shit piles that are piling up on their streets now.
  7. Well, since he's apparently Asian. https://efukt.com/20594_Bitch!_You_Broke_My_Dick!.html
  8. Um, maybe I'm stupid (most likely ), but why would he post as Kris Fox if his name was really Aaron Thiel? Anyway, so sad to hear this.
  9. Naw, I'm still here. I just hate the new version of Linux I'm stuck with. πŸ˜’ They discontinued my beloved Rekonq browser in it. Now if I search for porn, I have to deal with erasing 1,000 porn site cookies afterwards in FireFox. 😑 Anyway, hope your Christmas (and New Years (and everybody else's here)) was good too.
  10. The problem is if they ever find a magazine that holds 10+ rounds (after a house fire, for instance) and you are unfortunate enough to live in Joisy, you know that person is going to be used as an example for defying their stupid edict. πŸ™„ I bet Governor Murphy's security detail still gets to put 15+ round magazines into their handguns though. 🀬
  11. He's probably passed out drunk somewhere about now. πŸΊπŸ™„
  12. classic! BTW - I have a bunch of Corona Lites and Lienenkugel Summer Shandy's in my beer fridge, and since they taste like s**t (and might even have Mexican saliva in them ), I was thinking about doing an anal enema with them (I heard that you can get really f**ked up doing that? ). Now being that you are expert lawyers of all things asshole related, I was wondering if you could un-block your telephone number in case I do get a DUI doing just exactly that? BTW - I can afford to sit in prison for awhile since I'm sure my anus will be numb with all the pseudo beer that went up in i
  13. Or Michelle with special guest Hillary Clinton in "I'm disappointed in this deplorable county of racists."* *(make sure you buy your tickets first if you are White though, and absolutely no refunds).
  14. And Gaddis has to come in and move the bar in the forum here even lower again. Snowflakes getting ready to work for Dick's. Warning, really NSFW (or Viewing in general). https://efukt.com/22429_My_Life_Without_A_Cock.html
  15. Well, there you go. I think you answered your own rant right there. Snowflakes can go out and scream about shit (most of them know little to nothing about anyway ) because most don't have jobs they have to show up for. Then they got dumb f**k NFL team owners (Robert Kraft) and Hollyweird assholes funding their whine fests too. I agree, the NRA is probably pretty bloated and pays it's executives too much. I don't think they get much help though (being a non profit) fighting in court rooms every day trying to tamp down stupid gun control bills. Compare that to the millions of tax spe
  16. So, WTF? Where they supposed to go and vote for you too? That's basically what GOA and the rest do also. My mailbox is usually chock full of GOA, SAF, CCRKBA, etc. postcards and "please give us more :dollar: donation vouchers. F.Y.I. - one of my douchebag little nieces thought it would be funny to send in a small donation to the DNC years ago in my name for an April Fools joke 30+ years ago. And even though I've been telling them by phone to piss off and leave me alone when they beg call most mornings, I'm still getting shit from them. They actually had the gall to send me a "
  17. Well, since the Chinese probably don't want Americans to be too well armed if the s**t ever hits the fan anyway... See, they even named their overpriced crap "Yeti" (unlike the American name of Bigfoot) so you can tell it apart from any domestic produced product that works just as well (for less on top of it all) and not buy it.
  18. I wonder if they sell dildos in some of the stores like overstock.com does? Looking at some of the fat female snowflakes who showed up at some of todays anti-gun rallies, a half-assed workout with a dildo is probably the most exercise most of them get. But since most are probably strictly dickless dykes anyway, they probably just go to Taco Bell after the rally with the girlfriend and have tacos two ways.
  19. I wonder which board members thought that would be a darn right good name to plaster on the front of a sporting goods store years ago? "You're fired" as the Trumpster would say.
  20. I'm a cheap bastard. I've shot hard cast through mine. The people who usually blow up Glocks shooting lead do it because they shoot 1,000 lead bullets at a time without once cleaning out the barrel. Plated is a good compromise though.
  21. I don't think I'd be bowing too much with a soy boy around. Just my opinion though.
  22. Kid must be smart, he apparently got the trigger pin into one of these f**kers without resorting to throwing it out in the yard somewhere. And for all the assholes who get the shit together on a Polymer80 lower in a youtube video on the first try, you're full of shit. That SOB's been prepped and polished.
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