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  1. GearHead that's cool that your dog's name is Sasha AND it's a Shepherd...wow, that just adds another ironic twist to this story. By the way thanks for the meaning of Sasha, I never knew that. I picked it just because I liked the name. But knowing the meaning now, makes me enjoy the choice a lot more, also it fits here well.... very protective.
  2. Good luck with the new dog. I like the name, my German Shepards name is Sasha.
  3. I think you should get back on your meds! It has already been seen in NYC mounted on a back of a truck for crowd control. The NYPD where assigned to it. Nobody used it but it was there to use against AMERICANS if need be.
  4. Sorry to hear about your lose. At least you found him so there is no uncertainty about where he is and you can give him a proper burial now.
  5. There is no hard proof that says zombies cant fly helicopters yet.
  6. I can't begin to tell you how much of a dog person I am. I personally own two now, one a German German Shepherd, and the other a dobi rotti mix. I will definitely pray for you guys and your dog. I lost mine once and broke down and cried on the floor as the phone was ringing. When I answered it the manager at a food store near by said a huge German Shepherd is sitting in front of the door greeting customers that are walking by. He was afraid to try and grab the dog and force her in but while he was petting her he saw my phone number and called. Needless to say I drove down there like a mad man
  7. Sounds like everything has already been covered. Somethings I would add... One thing most people that don't have perfect eyes never give much thought about are good prescription goggles. I wear contacts but realize in a SHTF situation eventually I will run out of the supplies to be able to keep using them. Plus you should wear safety glasses when shooting are zombie blood is flying. So I figure I have a regular pair of glasses, but l know these are not combat ready. So for everyone and especially people that need some kind of prescription eye wear go get some. You can get custom tailor
  8. BattleRifleG3, That was some gooood info. Thanks Don't get me started on the Steelers. My dad made me a fan since I could throw a football. Being in NY and wearing my Steelers jersey when they where playing the giants while being around a bunch of drunk Nyers in a bar........ Brings back fond memories. History was one of my favorite subjects in school. No wounder why I'm drawn to PA.
  9. I remember a certain someone saying theres no chance Ron Paul can win. ahum ahum I'm just kidding with you, thats great news! We can all keep up the good fight and hope!
  10. For anyone that just read that and made a mess. I find using a vacuum to suck up the tuna in between the keys works great! It's OK with the j/k. I find 80% of NYers or asswipes. Not the upstate NYers though. My sister lives up there and says she cant believe the difference when she comes down to visit. I would say where the east coast version of Hollywood uopies.
  11. That sounds like a dream come true, I need to move out of the city . Don't get me wrong I like guns, but I'm not going to base my whole decision on how gun friendly a place is. Not saying you where implying that 22 Shooter. I just wanted to be clear on my stance about what I'm looking for. I'm just saying it would be nice to walk out to your back yard and shoot all day Who's talking about having to walk into there back yard to shoot. I want to eat breakfast on a my porch while doing some target shooting. Scoutjoe, thanks for offering the help. Last summer whe
  12. Theres a prime example... bill HR 1955. While Southern California had the fires and every major news network, including cable were providing non-stop coverage, a very dangerous bill to liberty and freedom was passed by 404 members of the U.S. House of Representatives. The people are all watching one thing, while things are being passed under are own noses without a mention. Right off a web site: "First let's take a look at the definitions of violent radicalization and homegrown terrorism as defined in Section 899A of the bill. The definition of violent radicalization uses vague
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