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  1. I have a stacked front bead, cant replace with a screw in one. I also already made up my mind and want the Krebs sight. Does anyone know where I can find a Krebs sight in stock to order? Also where can a get the rear replaceable aperture's from? I notice it doesn't come with any. I just ordered one from here: http://www.onesourcetactical.com/index.asp...amp;ProdID=1047 Thanks for the heads up Duke. I ordered mine already at... http://www.krebscustom.com/PartsPages/KalashnikovParts.shtml I notice there already out of stock again. Must say HUGE improvement ov
  2. All hail Ragnarock47! Man do you know how to support a guy! You know all the fine technical stuff. I'll admit I can't figure out all this number stuff, I usually ask my friend can Ron Paul still win once a week. He knows all about the number game thing. The thing I do know how to do is tell everyone around me about Ron Paul to get his name and ideas out there. You sound like you are doing a lot to help Ron Paul and America. I agree with you that all primaries should be on the same day for 24 hours. That way maybe all the "followers" could wake up and base there decisions on who would be r
  3. A video of Ron Paul I just saw that I wanted to share. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0kSkL561148...feature=related
  4. New video with Ron Paul talking about gun rights and McCaine making a ass of himself. BTW-> Who says Fox doesn't give Ron Paul coverage.... So there idea of coverage is him on in the middle of the night when most are asleep and on a program I guess most have never even heard of . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=60TLhM83DEw...feature=related
  5. Headshot you are correct, every time I said vertical I meant to say horizontal. Juggernaut, Thanks for your concern. I didn't take what you said the wrong way, but I did feel as if I was stepping on peoples or your toes a little. I did read that post first. Which made me think if this was a good idea at all to start this topic. I decided to do it, knowing I would have to be very careful how I worded thing because I DID NOT want it to be taken as a complaint tread. If anyone feels I'm trying to imply AGP is no good, I want everyone to know I have no problem with the company what so ever
  6. Just so everyones on the same page Headshot. Your saying AGP's mags use to have one long vertical line running across there mag, the same way the factory and the keep shooting ones have them? What was the reason for the change.... FTF? Also could it have been the top vertical line had the wrong angle or was it placed a little to high or to low on the mag? I don"t understand why they would change the design to two tiny tabs to control how deep a magazine is going to fit in the well. To me it would make more sense to move those vertical lines to the proper angle and depth. Heashot do you fee
  7. So what you saying is the tabs on your magazine have worn away but you are having no problems with feeding with the tabs worn down? Thats good to hear your not having any problems.
  8. Have you contacted AGP?????? Please read this sticky thread..... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=19834 Yes I did read it. I contacted them by email, no answer yet. You may have missed it but look at post #11 in this topic. Thats the email I sent them.
  9. What do you mean by........ "i have gotten the shaving of those two side tabs"
  10. Gunfixr, All very valid points. As for as your idea of different lots, I can see how that could be true. Me having only two, it would not be right to say if there design has been slightly changing from lot to lot since I don't have any other mags to compare. I would say maybe this is the reason why some mags seem to be more problematic then others. Also I gathered from your post, if you don't mind tweaking around with the mags that are problematic, you can make them work more reliable. I personally don't find it right having to do anything when you payed around $50.oo for a mag, When you have
  11. Email sent to AGP today, I figured before I throw my hands up in the air and say forget it, I will give them a chance to discuss there side... I was told by a member from the Saiga-12 forum to give you guys a call if you have any problems with your magazines. I bought two 10 round magazines from you a few months ago, and even though they fit loose from the beginning, they worked. I have noticed over time they have become very difficult to rely on since the magazine has worn down and in doing so has thrown of the feed angle slightly enough to become a problem in my gun (You can go to the w
  12. I do have an idea as to why mine have worn down already. I practiced loading and unloading the magazines A LOT in the beginning to get the motion down, now I just do a refresher course once a day when watching TV at night. I would say I have loaded and unloaded my mags as much as a guy that has had his for years but never trained heavily with the load unload part, but put more time into shooting stuff. Also since its been proved that these guns all have slightly different tolerances, I would guess maybe my Saiga is more on the loser side. Theres still the fact that these mags fit very loose in
  13. I remember reading over at shotgun world a article about making the shipping of ammo much more involved. They where trying to pass a law that would basically make getting ammo very hard and much more involved. It seem once again they are trying to target the ammo, since guns are basically useless if you don't have the ammo for them. I'll try to find the topic.
  14. I didn't make this topic for people to say they are crap or not. I understand where your coming from since I'm having problems with them to. I am more interested in seeing what can be done to improve the design or if the design even needs improving. I notice over two hundred members have looked at this topic and few are responding. which makes me think 1) There are only a few of us that are having this problem 2) People don't want to comment since they have a business banner (bad for business) 3) Nobody cares what I say. If the majority of people here feel they are great as is, then fi
  15. Thanks Topmaul. It is hitting on the bottom of the barrel. I do remember reading about grinding more off of the bottom of the barrel (where it has already been relieved slightly from the factory, but taking more). If thats what I have to do to get these to work I will have to wait. My situation is I'm on the list at Tromix. I don't want to start playing with things then have to let Tony go over it. It would be like me trying to tile my bathroom, after I figure out I don't know what I'm doing, I then have to call in the professional to clean up the mess. Tony if you are Bob are rea
  16. Just got back from the gun range, and must say the krebs sight worked great!. HUGE difference. also for anyone wondering, as caughtlikefireit said it does come with a plastic aperture. After installing, I decided it worked best for me with no aperture. Also I remember someone saying the ghost ring fit loose in there dovetail. I did not have this problem, fit very tight.
  17. Headshot, can I see that post are can you tell me the out come of that post. What did some of the guys say about your idea? Edit: To Add Just saw close up photos of the keep shooting mags, and they have the same design as the factory ones (not the little tab part). Does anyone know why AGP did theres the way they did? Also is there a Rep for AGP thats a member here, that can give some feed back on this?
  18. I noticed the more I used my ten rounders, The more I started to get failures to feed rounds. The shell would be angled and jammed up against the barrel. I read all the remedies I could find on here about fixing the problem and tried a few. I still wouldn't have it run 100% all the time. I then noticed something, that I don't' think I ever saw talked about on here. As you can see in the picture below, I have the AGP on the left and the factory mag on the right. The problem I see on mine is the little stub (yellow arrow) has worn down bad, making my mag sit loose against the bottom of the g
  19. Where is your other board ar15pistolpimp? Also where is your training camp going to be stationed?
  20. I think what saiga12fan is looking for is videos of members from here making videos. Instead of seeing videos posted here of people that are not members here. That way we can share ideas, comments or ask questions about the video to the person that made it. I could be wrong but thats what I was thinking. Saiga12fan is that statement right? Are do you just not like u tube or goggle?
  21. WOW. Thank you for that ground breaking news saigaczech. Maybe you didn't notice but that was all ready determined a few post ago. Or maybe we can all sit here and throw some gasoline into the fire.
  22. What Keepshooting said over at WT To answer your questions: I am not aware of a law preventing Russian magazines from coming into the US. Is this a copyrights thing, or has something changed. There is no law preventing Russian made magazines from being imported. Where the legal issues with customs would be if the reproduction 5rd magazines were made with the IZHMASH logo on it. They would not be legal to import as they would be infringing on IZHMASH trademark rights. Do you have any ideas on how to keep this from happening. I admit that I occasionally drop one too I have t
  23. I feel bad for anyone that bought one of those guns with a credit card. It'll be like the steriod scandles on the news where they hunted down all the people with there paper trail.
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