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  1. I didn't mean to imply you were crazy for wanting a small aperture - just trying to make the point that the aperture was pretty small for a shotgun since I don't have a way to get any decent pics posted for you. I'd recommend giving Krebs a call - I've talked with Mike a few times this past week concerning their safety levers and he's been extremely helpful. Maybe they use the same size ring as say, XS Sights, so then you could call up XS and get a new aperture. by the way, I think the appropriate size for the set screw was posted by Tony@Tromix several months ago (search for "Krebs
  2. I use one of those. When the frig gets low on beer, I rig it up with a "dragons breath" round. Yea half the kitchen catches on fire... but my beer is still safe.
  3. As for as wanting it, I would like to know what options I have. I figured the ring itself would be fine, but in case I wanted it smaller I like knowing I can get the parts to do it. If they do give you a aperture as you say, I'm not worried if its to small, since I can drill it out to the size I need. Thanks for the info Anyone else know of a place to get replacement ones?
  4. Are you referring to Mack at Future Weapons? Definately. If he is a cool guy, imagine how lame he must feel when they make him say all that crap. I like when he gets all serious and talks in a quiet but not quiet sounding voice.
  5. I ordered the krebs sight. But still can't find where to get replaceable apertures for it. Don't want to order ones that won't fit. Can someone give info and a link to a place that sells the ones that will work with this sight. Thank You
  6. Can someone delete this topic, computer took a crap and I doubled post the same topic twice. Sorry and Thank you
  7. Military channel Feb 17 Sunday 10:00 PM Weaponology will be talking about the Spetsnaz. Coming attractions showed ak-47's the spetsnaz and a guy pointing a Saiga 12 at the camera! I'm guessing will get a even more in depth look at the Saiga 12 too, not just a guy pointing it at the camera.
  8. Military channel Feb 17 Sunday 10:00 PM Weaponology will be talking about the Spetsnaz. Coming attractions showed ak-47's the spetsnaz and a guy pointing a Saiga 12 at the camera! I'm guessing will get a even more in depth look at the Saiga 12 too, not just a guy pointing it at the camera.
  9. I'm all for are military having advance weapons, it would be nice to stop using depleted uranium bullets, which are own guys get into contact with at times. Or even the ray guns you could see on Future Weapons, that are a less lethal weapon. I only feel this way if there used against the bad people in a military war like setting. Why have I seen those same ray guns mounted on vehicles in NYC already, makes me wonder. They where there to keep check on large groups of AMERICAN CIVILIANS . Maybe they want us to start getting use to the future. On the brighter side........ I just got s
  10. It always makes me wonder why the government seems so interested in training military and police against civilian's. No I don't have a problem with the military are police, there just doing there job. But the people that control them, I wonder about. It all seems to be growing in momentum lately too. Are they planing something that they feel might piss us off in the future. I'm sure they would like us to believe its to protect us from the terrorist are ourselves. I understand the bad guys have more guns today, but come on. There arming these people like there going to be taking on large grou
  11. Good story Threecard. Me being 27, I can tell you the majority of people that I graduated with in the year 99, have gone no where. Even growing up I was always made fun of by others in my age bracket for having what they call such "strict parents". I can tell you all, I would not change a f'in thing with the way my parents raised me. I'm not implying I was a perfect child, but everyone that knows me says they would have thought I was raised from the 40's or 50's. Most kids today or running around loose with no control from there parents. With the parents blaming everyone else. (Not implying al
  12. What a evil eeevil BITCH!. Thats my definition of her. Do anything say anything, even change your view's to get the vote. Just a note: I edited my post, meant to say "even change HER views to get the vote." I still believe she would strip us of are gun rights if given the chance.
  13. What a evil eeevil BITCH!. Thats my definition of her. Do anything say anything, even change her view's to get the vote.
  14. I didn't forget about you Gaddis, I also agree with the points you have made. Not that I'm totally 100% against Democrats, but with the amount of trouble we are in right now, I can personally only see a Republican fixing this mess.
  15. I couldn't agree more with your statements. I think Ron Paul could really make a "change". You know the word everyone else thats running likes to just throw out there. You can go on You Tube and see countless "real" news report clips, when the media decides to give him coverage, and see how strong he holds his ideas and beliefs without ever changing them. I'll admit that 50% of me believes where all screwed, the games fixed and theres no hope. By all means I'm not happy with that thinking either. The following clip will describe that side of my thinking well...... **** Warning adult la
  16. Who here knows or supports Ron Paul? Like him hate him, all comments welcomed. The reason I ask is. I was watching a video on youtube.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=trAiCwzSVho Since I do support him, I like seeing video's others make of him and see their views of them. While I was watching the above video my friend and his Friend walked in and where saying how it will never happen, even if they would like it too. Since the government doesn't like people that follow the Constitution and how the media keeps him in the dark with less coverage a lot more then compared to the oth
  17. AAAAAAAH HAAAAAAA.... I knew you where up to something and 22 shooter taking the time to make it even easier for me to read it. I still remember the set up the first time 22 shooter....... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showto...t=0&start=0 "WOW... A 26 year old black mother of 6 living in a crack house with a drug dealer. I don't believe it, usually at the age of 26 they have around 8 kids already plus babies babies mamma's." This time I plan on showing some control...... for at least another hour or two!
  18. I have no comment, but for anyone here that wants more info you can goggle the important words "NORTH AMERICAN UNION" "VCHIP TRUTH" ect and get more info for yourself. I've heard of this a year or two ago and did my research on the subject. Edit: Don't feel rushed to watch it before "they" pull it. If they pulled it people would then start thinking theres something to it. They would rather have most of the people, media and such tell everyone your nuts for believing it. For the record, I think or goverment is great................. baaaaa a a a baaaaaaa a a a
  19. You can get a free account at http://photobucket.com You will be able to upload photos and vids threw them. I've been using it with no problems. One thing to keep in mind your album there can be seen by all, not just the vid you want everyone to see. So be carefull of what you leave in your album.
  20. OK, the conversion is out, I don't wanna mess with grey area. The same goes for the RAA skeleton stock, don't wanna mess with that grey area either. But I definitely think it would still be worth it to get it, even though I can't convert it right now. I mean, I don't plan on living in NY forever, so I'd like to have an S12 for later conversion. Plus, these things are getting harder to come by, and going up in price and popularity, so I figure I better jump on one now if I ever want one. I'm thinking years down the road, two things could happen: 1) They are banned. 2) The price gets out of my r
  21. I dont want to steer anyone in the wrong direction, but from my understanding as long as you have the right parts count for you gun its okay. Now people being from NY have the added problem of not getting the pistol grip and trigger assy as easy points. But like I said before, I'm not sure if you can get the factory trigger assy but made in usa.
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