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  1. As far as I know you can have them but you just can't use them. Unless you have the proper parts count. Which to have the proper parts count you would probably have to do the conversion, which now makes your gun illegal in NY. I do believe if you can find enough USA parts and not do the pistol grip conversion, you should be fine with ten round mags. Example would be getting USA made -> stock, Friend, stock trigger assy, not the conversion one, I guess the puke Tromix sells, maybe some kind of screw on end piece like the shark brake. What ever gets your parts count below 10.
  2. Defiantly agree with you. It will go directly into the system, hence why you should only use Tylenol. Since it is for less addictive then oxy or vikes. But the guy seems to be in a lot of pain and this will take care of it since it is not going to pass threw the liver a few times and loose most of its strength. I say all this because I am like this guy and refuse to use vikes, oxy or other similar drugs for sever pain. I know a few people I graduated with that are extremely hooked on this crap. I'm personally not afraid of getting hooked on it, but would rather not take a chance, plus that stu
  3. You can take Tylenol hard pills and smash them into fine powder and rub it on like a paste to the area in your mouth giving you problems (gums, tooth). Apply directly to area bothering you and only use as many pills in powder form that come out equal to what it recommened in a certain time frame if you took them normally.
  4. I have a stacked front bead, cant replace with a screw in one. I also already made up my mind and want the Krebs sight. Does anyone know where I can find a Krebs sight in stock to order? Also where can a get the rear replaceable aperture's from? I notice it doesn't come with any.
  5. Saw the movie over the weekend. I felt it was the best Rambo he made. Tons of guns, even a Barret 50 sniper rifle and lots of hamburger meat flying everywhere.
  6. Went to the range over the weekend and had a blast. The paint definitely helped me get my "sight picture" (I believe thats what you call it) faster. But lack of adjustments make me feel there really isn't much to do to make the factory one accurate. One thing I notice everyone and including me all shot low in till you realize it and compensate for it. This is from shooting from 15 to 25 yards. So I have decided to go with the Krebs sights for the following reason's. 1) Since I have a AR I figure the Krebs will feel very familiar for me, since the sights are similar 2) To me the Krebs comp
  7. You sanded the bead down and left it like that? I had to sand my down before I painted it and notice it did stand out more. But it would still fade away with certain backgrounds. This neon red paint glows and doesn't fade away in different colored backgrounds. Might go to the range this weekend to try it out.
  8. I started to use the KO's over the 1oz Remington sluggers because I notice You shoot ALOT more with a Saiga at a gun range then other SG's. So I switched to the KO's to save money but notice they must shoot as good or even better then the Remington's. I had no failures with the KO's either.
  9. Since I haven't decided if I want to go with the Docter or Kreb's sight yet I figured I would play around with making the factory sight better. What I decided on doing was to use the two part sight paint kit. One paint marker is white the other red and is designed for gun sights. The pictures don't really show just how bright the red bead is. I painted the back of the rear sight white, to make the front bead stand out even more. So far I have not gone to the gun range yet, I plan on going next Saturday. In the mean time I did some dry runs and quick mounts on random objects and I notice I'm on
  10. This mount you speak of, Does it mount by using the rear dovetail on a Saiga, the same way the Tromix one mounts? Are does it mount differently?
  11. I just found this section and figured it should go here. Tony was very helpful in answering my questions and getting my order shipped FAST! I ordered the shark brake and couldn't be happier with the product or service Tromix provides.
  12. If you go on the main Tromix web site page, It says the mount they sell WILL work on JPoint or Dr. Opic. http://www.tromix.com/Welcome.htm
  13. I agree. I took my AimPoint and EoTech off other guns and taped it to the top of my Saiga to get an idea. After reading another post about using a EoTech sight. As far as I'm concerned it sits way to high, plus it looks like it would get in the way.
  14. Tony at Tromix makes a doveTail mount that looks great and works with the Docter site. http://www.tromix.com/images/Jpoint5lg.jpg
  15. Headboard sounds like a good idea, until your plowing a chick and your gun falls down on the girls head and requires stitches. Luckily she likes firearms and me so I wasn't sued.
  16. Oh lord de lord.... another shooting. At least they have the animals prints all over the gun. http://www.nbc6.net/news/15013589/detail.html
  17. :lolol: WTF!?!? I thought the same thing when I saw it. But for the record.... That is NOT my dog. I'm hoping it was photo shopped, since I don't believe in animal cruelty. I don't think a dog could get that big no matter how much is exercises unless it was on steroids. Does the dog (if male?) have a small wiener on it? I think the dog over did a cycle, hes got bitch tits!
  18. Welcome, I'm new here too, So you don't want any of my advice. I just wanted to say thanks for your service.
  19. Can we hear some of these pros and cons? Since I'm new here too and I was in his shoes too with picking one are the other. I picked the other kind because the barrel was shorter. What are some other reasons?
  20. That mount looks good. I'm guessing you need a screw out front bead, or does it mount some other way? The more options I see everyday here makes me more confused as to what route to take. As of today I was thinking either... 1) Krebs sight with Tritium replacement front (which seems to be out of stock everywhere) 2) Rail mount with EOtech sight 3) Docter sight with Tromix mount The other problem is I'm going to be moving, so I was thinking of giving my gun to Tromix and letting them do everything since the waiting list is 2009, So by the time I get it back I will surly not be in
  21. :lolol: WTF!?!? I thought the same thing when I saw it. But for the record.... That is NOT my dog. I'm hoping it was photo shopped, since I don't believe in animal cruelty. I don't think a dog could get that big no matter how much is exercises unless it was on steroids.
  22. Well I decided I'm just going to leave the factory sites alone and save the money to be put towards the Docter site. I'll save some money and not risk the chance of screwing up the front site that is sitting on top of a pressurized system and not being able to shoot. I can see doing it on one where it is a screw out front sight, since at least if you mess up you can get a new front bead and try again, since thats what you modifying. Mine being stacked in, If I mess up, its part of the gun I messed up on. A chance I don't want to take. Tony I will be sending the site back when I get it, but I w
  23. I prefer not to rely on guns for my protection, I prefer genetically enhanced dogs.
  24. Thanks Tony. Can you help me with the other question about the tap? Thanks
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