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  1. Bump.......... I'm guessing Tony is busy building guns today, so can anyone else explain this number stuff are point me in the right direction. I would like to order the parts as soon as I can. Thanks
  2. Saw this over at shotgunworld.com http://www.ebaumsworld.com/video/watch/44277
  3. WOW... A 26 year old black mother of 6 living in a crack house with a drug dealer. I don't believe it, usually at the age of 26 they have around 8 kids already plus babies babies mamma's.
  4. Sounds great, thanks for the info. I should be renting one from you in a week or two.
  5. Dinzag, I'm getting the shark brake for my s-12 from Tromix in the mail any day now and have a few questions. I would like to make up the difference in lengh the brake will add so overall the barrel wont be any longer then it was before. What parts will I have to rent from you to do the job? Does your TK2257 kit included everything I need? Also will I need the crown tool? My last question can I use a pipe cutter to cut the barrel or do you recommend something else?
  6. I was looking threw Midway and Brownell's for those two parts. I was able to find the drill bit since you mentioned .081" below which translates to #46. But what is the conversion number for the 2.6mm x .045 Tap? I can't find it under that number. http://www.midwayusa.com/ebrowse.exe/brows...=649***18713*** Also did you mean TG954DR 5-40 thread size (you said) or TG954CR 2.6mm thread size http://www.truglosights.com/content/produc...rite_deluxe.asp These numbers confuse the hell out of me, I just dont want to order the wrong thing. Thanks for all the help.
  7. No problem. Just for my own info can I do the drilling and the tapping that you were taking about and then be able to use yours? BTW... If I can't, can you verify this is the one I would need for me and others... Model TG947CRM http://www.opticsforyou.com/product-9124-117-12-1.html Thanks for taking the time to help Tony, I know you must be very busy.
  8. I have a feeling its been stacked in. Bottom looks beveled outwards. Tony can you tell from the photos because I dont feel like trying to twist it off and making it loose if it is stacked. Is there anything I can do to make your part work, since the check is already in the mail?
  9. How would I do this? By putting vise grips on it carefully and seeing if I can twist it off?
  10. BTW.... I am a new member so any other new members please don't run out and buy this stuff in till someone on here with far more experience with Saiga's chime in and CONFIRM this will work. I'm was just thinking last night that it would work and it would be worth sharing with you guys.
  11. No it's different. I have the spec ops on my other SG (870P). That one only works with the Moss and Rem. It's the entire stock and the made to fit your gun type front part (its one piece). Plus that one works with springs, and there is no way to mount that on Saiga's. The one I'm talking about you either get just the tube or the tube and stock and mount it on your Saiga like this for example.... http://riflestocks.com/catalog/popup_image.php?pID=297 By using this part... http://riflestocks.com/catalog/product_inf...products_id=311 And something like this for folding... http://
  12. For anyone interested in reducing recoil I found a advertisement in my magazine that shows Mesa Tactical came out with a recoil reduction telescoping stock. I have a few Mesa Tactical stuff... Built very well, and they stand behind there products. With the ACE adapter you should be able to run this. Now I only have to move out of NY so I could give something like this a thought when I do my conversion. Link (On the bottom of page in the link, for info) http://www.mesatactical.com/index.php?id=55
  13. NOOOOOO what ever you do don't listen to this man. Its a trick, you go there and start looking around and before you know it you have a list of great things you will need to buy from there!
  14. Doesn't the active member from here with his web site below rent these or sales them? www.dinzagarms.com I was thinking of doing the same thing after I get my brake in from Tromix. That way the overall length doesn't change. And yes I will have it permanently installed.
  15. Thanks Tony. Wrote out a check to Tromix in the amount of $110.00 for the site and brake.
  16. Tony, I would still like to get yours. Consider the check in the mail after you answer a question or two. First, since I am buying something from you I feel obligated to get the shark brake too. Can I get one of those are is it considered being put on the waiting list? Also your prices include shipping? So If I can get the shark brake threw you too with the sight, you want a check for $110.00 ? Shark Brake $85.00 Site $25.00
  17. How do I pay... How do I pay..... I'll TAKE IT!
  18. Thank you for the info and explaining it to me. I plan on getting the docter site and your site base, but in the mean time as I build funds for it, I was looking into doing a cheaper upgrade.
  19. Tony do you know or anyone else know what size thread the front bead is? I was looking on midway but dont know what size would fit. http://www.midwayusa.com/esearch.exe/searc...or=all_products
  20. Welcome aboard, hope you planned on spending a lot of money. Because after you start looking around you'll want everything!
  21. Bvamp, you cant see the gun? Edit: BTW-> I already had a account with them.
  22. I use vista, I just hit the browse button then upload them to the forum just make sure i don't exceed 1.95mb per upload works for me Thats the problem I'm having. I browse and upload fine, but get the notice that the image is to large. The auto resizer program only works for xp, so I cant use that, and I dont know of a easy way to reduce photo size. Its not a big problem, I'll just use photoBucket.
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