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  1. So where can I get that bolt on tank brake below? http://users.tkk.fi/~stnurmi/mag.jpg
  2. I just checked mine. I see four and they all seem to be centered on the upper pipes hole. The date stamp is 07. Does that mean I was just lucky? Also maybe its my eyes but the four holes look to be drilled at a angle tilting toward the back of the gun. BTW-> I was meaning to ask this. Before I go firing the gas adj plug comes out easy. But I notice after firing it is harder to unscrew, like the lead pounder found its way in the treads. Is that normal? Thanks in advance
  3. Yes. They did not like it when I left that block on the form empty. Thats what I figured, but wasn't sure. It is your right, and even though I write mine down, it doesn't mean you should have too if your state says you don't. In one way I kind of want to tell you maybe you should take your business else where if he or she wants to play games with you. But the other part remembers the many times I have hung out at a gun shop and saw somebody come in pissed as hell and needing a gun right now to do who knows what, or the people that stink like booze that need a gun to dispute a problem w
  4. I read the the how to upload picture thread and went to down load the resizing program. But I got a notice saying its for XP I have Vista. How are Vista people doing it?
  5. I just bought a another gun a week are so ago. I do remember for SURE that next to the ss# fill in it said you do not have to put down your ss#, it is only use as an extra measure to make sure they have the right persons identify. I agree with Cobra that its not a big deal. You give that number to every job you ever have, credit cards, loans ect. So its out there already, but not saying I don't blame you for being careful. As far as the abbreviation thing. I wasn' there but it wouldn't surpris me that when you said or they noticed you wheren't going to write your ss# (which you have the ri
  6. Unfortunately the same laws that protect use can also protect the criminal. I have a two friends that are New York City cops and one that works in Suffolk. They all tell me how pissed they get at times, that they KNOW the person was the bad guy, but because of the law in a certain case..... they walk. As long as they try to do the right thing... Police are Military for that matter, I will always respect them.
  7. These assholes are growing very fast right where I live. If you do a searh on you tube there are a few news reports reporting there numbers are growing very fast on Long Island. I know someone that works at Mineola head quters, and they told me that ms13 is becoming such a problem theres a specail task force just to deal with them. Most malls aren't even safe to be around at night anymore, like rosevelt field. This gang just attacks people for no reason at all. To bad we can't have hunting season on all ms13.
  8. If you like the sensor idea, but only want to use it on the stairs, I have a better idea for you. (If you have carpeted stairs) On the first or first and second step you would use two pieces of thin metal (Length of the stairs and around 3" wide), that when stepped on completes a circuit. Like so.... ________________________ _/ ____________________ \_ The top piece of metal hoverer's off the bottom one just slightly, Even with a carpet over it. You set the tension buy the slight bend you put on both end's of the top piece before you screw down. Next get a roll of two
  9. Today was my first day shooting my new S-12. I must say it was a blast and cant wait to do it again. In factory form I was amazed at how quick it was to get use to, as if I was shooting it for years. I was even more amazed when I got home and took it apart after shooting 80 rounds and seeing that the gun didn't even look like it needed to be cleaned other then the slight lead build-up in the barrel and behind the gas regulator. There is one thing that pisses me off about the S-12. I took my modified AR and 870p that both have lots of work done and yet I had people I didn't even know coming
  10. Welcome....... Here you go http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=8856 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=21702 http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showforum=65 Or do what I did. Look in every section of this forum first. I was busy lurking around here for a week reading old post before I started posting questions. I suck at using the search tool, but if you take the time looking around you will know a great deal soon.
  11. Thanks for showing me your web site, Now I will surly go poor! Something just told me I need a muzzle brake with teeth now. I'm guessing since you guys use there sights you stand behind there product? As for as red dot sights go, do you feel like the Docter one is a better choice then other red dot sights for the s-12? If Saiga-12's use a standard size dove tail, I guess I could get any replacement rear sight that installs on a dove tail (like the many MidWay sells)? Right now I leaning more toward your mount and the docter sight.
  12. http://www.sportsmansguide.com/net/cb/cb.aspx?a=358057 Instead of using them for there intended purpose (out door use, i guess). You can buy the base and a sensor then order three extra sensors like I did. Put them in key places, so that when someone trips one of them they have no idea whats coming next. Maybe in your case one on each stair, then the other two in areas that you know a bad guy would pass by. If your good with wiring you can go to home depot and get a door bell relay and one of those old school loud door bells that sound like an alarm and hook it all up. The base alarm volu
  13. Thanks guys, I notice that Docter makes a few mounts to attach there sights. Do they make one for are guys with no gun smithing? I looked on one web page and cant tell what one are if any would work. Heres the page.... http://www.opticsplanet.net/docter-mount-f...type-rails.html I like the idea of having the little guy since it doesn't get in the way as much. I have the AimPoint CompML3 on my AR and love it , but was interested in getting something very small that won't get in the way. I'm going to research this some more in the mean time. BTW-> What are cheaper options as to r
  14. I really did try a search for information about changing sights and available options with changing out your factory S-12 sights, but couldn't find anything exact, just a bunch of pages that mention sights. If someone could provide me with web pages or info, I will try to put it neatly together and maybe get it sticked so new comers can find it easy. One thing I was VERY interested in was this sight.... http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?act=at...ost&id=6391 Please tell me that is a red dot sight? And I hope to god I wasn't imaginging this, but I swore I saw that type of site with a
  15. Just found this. This was one thing I wasn't crazy about the s-12, and you are addressing it. Knowing how you stand up for top notch products, I know I can buy this product with confidence. Which if this hobby, gun or this forum are going to grow, it will be from people having great experiences from products offered HERE! BTW-> I plan on getting the MagWell, now does that mean I don't have to mod my magazines or do I? I have a couple of AGP 10 round clips I use as decorations only...... and my factory 5 rounders that I use . Will these all work? Or will I have to mod one are the other
  16. Just a heads up for anyone. A tig welder uses a pedal that you can adj the heat on the fly. A TIG would be the most precise welder you can use and you wouldn't have to be worried about it running it to hot since a skilled tig welder can weld two cut beer cans together, try that with a stick are MIG. I would think it was either a cold start weld where the temp was way different starting the weld (I always pre-heat my metal with a flame to get the temp up, before welding) or there may have been a pocket of air in the weld. Either of the above scenarios could cause a weak spot that would slowing
  17. Just for the record, not seeing your work FIRST BattleRifleG3, is the only reason I asked if my friend could get a corner of the market. I don't doubt your work at all after seeing it, and I agree you seem to really want to work with the customer on what they are looking for and want. This sat after shooting my new gun for the first time, I plan on bringing it over to his house with the parts removed to get his opinion on doing the job. One thing I was thinking is if it turns out to hard to think of are make a one off design, with the limitations of wood. I might just get one of you hand g
  18. Thanks for all the info, have been reading all the post you guys mentioned. I most say he does do some great looking work. I have to email my friend these post so he has an idea of the buisness aspect of it. I know he is busy with and happy doing his other wood working jobs. So this will probally be more of a side job thing if he decides to make more. I'm just happy in the fact he will make something custom for me! To me it looks like BattleRifleG3 does a somewhat tradtional form and function look. So i'm going to have to see how wild of a design my freind can do, being your working with woo
  19. Can you direct me to some of his work? Pictures? Is he a member here? I goggled the name and just came up with him as a member in different forums making post, no personal web site are anything I could find.
  20. Is there anybody in this Saiga field that's doing custom wood work on hand guards and stocks? The reason I ask is because I was at my friends house today. He does custom wood work involving anything wood, tables, kitchens, entertainment systems etc. As I showed him the gun he knew it was based off of a ak plate form and said "I loved the wood look on those guns". I told him yea I could replace this plastic stuff with wood, but it would be a regular replacement wood part. When I asked him if he could make a one off stock and hand guard out of a block of wood, he said.... "I don't see why not,
  21. I plan on moving very soon , so when you see my conversion I will be living somewhere other then New York Thanks for all the info and welcomes guys! I'll let everyone know how my first time shooting the s-12 this sat goes.
  22. Okay......... In that case, Hi new member here just bought a S 12 that I plan on doing NOTHING to for around a year or two in till I leave this shit hole state I call New York. This sat I'll be shooting it for the first time, thank god I like how it shoulders in factory form, since I'll be using it like that for awhile it seems. Thanks for the info Bvamp.
  23. Reading the below post, I felt if I went by the rules (parts count) I would be fine. Does this not matter since Im living in NY? http://forum.saiga-12.com/index.php?showtopic=122
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