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  1. As far as I knew, if I followed the parts count law, kept the barrel over 18", didn't make it a auto fire, or get a folding or collapsible stock... I would be fine. But now that you say this, I started thinking about it and I dont remember ever seeing anyone at the gun range with a semi auto shotgun with pistol grip. If I have the following right---> I heard when the ban was lifted, NY NEVER went back to PRE ban laws. So when the ban was on, was anyone aloud to have a semi-auto shotgun with a pistol grip? I guess I will have to research this some more, In the mean time if anyone i
  2. Just wanted to say hi to all. I'm a new member here, 27 male from Long Island NY, signed up a few days ago. Purchased my "first" factory s-12 this past sat for $485.00. Became a member to learn all about my new gun, I do have a few others . I plan on doing the conversion next week and would like to let you all know, there was enough info on here from you guys, if you know how to look for it, that I feel I can get right into the coversion without asking any questions, since they seem to have all been answered so far. Great web site!
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