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  1. I did mine as part of the conversion process, since I think that fluted tube looks better than that tacky folded metal plate. I just ground away with the Dremel and cleaned it up with light passes of the sandpaper drum. I painted it with Dupli-Color engine enamel and it looks just as good, if not better, than the factory spray paint. Now, if getting this canted front sight fixed was this easy...
  2. Very nicely done. I had the crazy idea to wrap my triangle folder, but the fun part was going to be how to pass the spool through the stock, over and over again...
  3. I had the same problem until I did some Dremel work to the stock. I bought one of the K-var NATO length models in black, and ended up with the same problem. I fixed the gap, but I made the mistake of drilling my holes 'before' I had the gap fixed.
  4. I had Devin mod my standard HG (venting, reshaping, rail, Duracoat) and don't regret it. I also got rid of that dumbass sheet steel cover on the gas tube and repainted it with black engine enamel (brand name escapes me right now). If that gets a little toasty, there's always the mag.
  5. I was one of the morons that broke the tap when I did my bullet guide, but eventually I got the little bastard installed. I'm running Master Molder mags until I can get some decent Com-bloc mags; the guys at the local surplus store are asking a little too much for steel surplus 30-rounders.
  6. Well, things went south and I didn't get to go, either. So, you're telling/showing me a Tromix table with nobody checking stuff out? What's wrong with these people???
  7. I'm going up to Wyandotte this weekend to see/shoot at this event, and I was curious if anyone from Tromix was going to be there. Or, in general, if anyone from this board was going to the show. I'll be the fat guy carting around an IZ-132, 4 MM mags and probably a backpack, if I can find the damn thing......
  8. Congrats, VK, you lucky bastid! Here's a little Russian to help you out: --Ya nye guvaryou pa'Russkie, no ya guvaryou pa'Engliski. I don't speak Russian, but I do speak English. --Izvinitya, voy guvaritya pa'Engliski? Excuse me, do you speak English? --Yob t'voyu maht! Best not say this one, you might get shot. Feel free to correct my broken Russian, guys/gals. I'm a noob at the language.
  9. Check with any of the businesses on here that do conversions, they should have a few they need to unload.
  10. If anyone in the Oklahoma City area needs a hand, I'd be glad to help out. PM for more info.
  11. So, here's the deal. I bought one of these: and had the bright idea that I wanted to wrap the upper and lower 'legs', if you will, with black 550 paracord. Like you see people do with the ACE skeleton stocks, where they wrap the tube with paracord, like this: or this: The only problem I can see is that the upper and lower legs are more semi-circular than completely round. The open ends don't feel like they're the least bit sharp enough to cut the cord, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Has anyone else tried this, or know of someone that has? Pics? Pros/cons?
  12. Can you put the US-made followers and baseplates in these 20-rounders if you're worried about 922r?
  13. I'd say it's due to the rear sight being so far from the rear of the rifle, but I could just be blowin' smoke.
  14. Your assumption is correct. The stocks only vary in LOP (Length of Pull).
  15. Bob and Merritt make good points. To me, that scratch is nothing out of the ordinary. My IZ-132 isn't a safe queen, so why would I worry about a little scarring? Guys dig scars, too, ya know.
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