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  1. All of this is no more...
  2. Yup--the ones that are still available this morning have increased in price by 20% or more (supply and demand as they say or 'gouging' as others might...).
  3. Nice post with illustrations to boot--I will touch base with a buddy of mine and share the link as he is in same situation with his Vepr 12 looking to explore the 'folding options.' -Cheers
  4. pt92

    SGM Vepr 12 Magazines

    I can tell you that my experience has been super regarding SGM mags as well as customer service. Mine work fine absent any problems and anyone I have heard of that had a hiccup of some sort was promptly taken care of. I first heard of them via the fellow over at Military Arms Channel in addition, of course, to these fine forums. -Cheers
  5. Yup--here's the story I read concerning such--I am excerpting the quote: http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2014/09/foghorn/kalashnikov-concern-plans-skirt-us-import-ban-selling-company/
  6. Of course, Buds has them in stock but priced "not" for the Holidays at $1300. Happy Holidays, pt92
  7. I feel for you man. I took me until my 40's (still there by a few years and I am holding on as 50 scares the crap out of me...) that such matters no longer freaked me...Mind you that's a long time in that I have been shooting since a kid. Today even though I still have a modest collection of hand/long guns (everything's relative of course) I look at them more as tools and the like instead of 'pristine works of art' to be pampered. Not saying this applies to you it's just that your "scream" reminded of my first 'shit-my-pants' event which was a cracked locking-block on a mighty pretty Beretta 9
  8. pt92

    VEPR Order

    Glad you posted that (OP) as it's always a great idea to share vendor reviews with fellow forum members. I too can report back that Centerfire is in my experience a great company to do business with--I snagged a Vepr just about 48hrs after 'Emperor BHO' rendered his "Executive Order" essentially denying all-things "AK" related from the American market... Typically I am not one to panic and play into the hands of a "temporary" market aberration like the one most recently following the horrific insane-murderer in CT. after which an AK was hard to find under $1500 ...However, this is differen
  9. I too am of the same thought but see that Russmilitary (at least as of now) is not warning customers in the U.S. of such...? One would think there would be a banner/notice stating a "No-Go" for U.S shipments...
  10. Do we know if Saiga or Vepr mags ordered from Europe will now be intercepted by customs (or disallowed say by vendor/Russmilitary)? It seems vague to me which is consistent with this administration's tenure IMO...
  11. Yup--still a few left at centerfiresystems.
  12. Nice. It's kind of silly, so many college students live in relatively unsecure housing, in bad neighborhoods, and we tend to be out late. But no pistols... But you can't drink while carrying, which would take the fun right out of college. Designated CCW . --Happy Holidays
  13. Yeah--I would be concerned that what I wrote would perhaps be overlooked... lol That said, I love guns and would be lying if I said I didn't want a VEPR--But honestly, my SAIGA-12 is all "I" need and the VEPR would be a toy. Still, if I had 1K to play with, I'd get one just because (I think most of us have a few guns in our respective safes "just because.")
  14. My Saiga 12 has never given me a problem but I had mine customized by Will years ago and it's run like a champ since day one with any ammo. I have never fired a stock Saiga 12 so the only thing I can say is it may require some attention to get it to cycle ALL types of ammo. But here's the thing, I bought a $700 NIB 1187P about five years ago and it will not reliably cycle anything except buck/slugs which it will run ALL day long--birdshot in my 1187P is a joke and there is nothing I can do about it unlike the Saiga which can (relatively speaking) easily be configured to fire anything. Another
  15. WTF is "ordinary ammunition"??? Yeah--'lamestream' media translation=birdshot.
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